Cythera Chronicles: the dark mage part one going to pnyx

  • So, here I am. A boy of 14 years sitting in a small house without a lot of oboloi because everybody got ill from that plague in Catamarca. My brother Lance is the elder of house Nicander. My parents don't live on Cythera, they live in Greece. Because of the plague in the water, I need to drink wine. A KID DRINKING WINE! A nice guy called Chevodocus, the elder of house Strymon, is taking care of me. I wish the plague would stop. I wish I could stop it.

    Now I will have my meal in Catamarca, but tomorrow I will have my meal in Pnyx. Yes that's right, I going to be busy with magic. After that I will return and I will use a spell to restore Catamarca. People say that it was an evil mage who created the plague. One day I will get him too.

    "What will it be kid?" a nice barkeeper asked.

    "Bread with cheese," I answered. Two minutes later he served me delicous bread with cheese.

    The friendly barkeeper sits next to me. He asks, "Aren't you getting tired of the plague?"

    "Yes," I said. "Tomorrow I will go to Pnyx. When I am done I will cure this

    "So you are going to the magisterium? Have much luck," he said. He stands up and walks away to the kitchen.

    Next morning.......

    "Wake up! Wake up!" I opened my eyes and I saw Chevodocus. "This is the big day," he said. "You are going to Pnyx!" A big smile came on his face. Now I was completely awake.

    I quickly ate some flat bread. I said bye to everyone in Catamarca and I left. Pnyx wasn't that close so I took some food with a dagger and oboloi. It was night and I arrived in Cademia. I went to the Two Tailed Rat.

    The bar woman asked, "What will it be?"

    "Meal, water, and a bed," I said.

    "That's 40 oboloi," she said.

    I paid, ate, and slept. These beds were good! I woke in the morning, I was going to travel further.

    I saw an unicorn. I didn't have anymore food so... I took out my dagger and killed the
    poor beast. I made a little fire and I ate the meat.

    I was walking further and further. It was getting cold and dark. Suddenly a light went on. A man was standing there with a long beard and light above his vinger. "Hello there!" he said. "Are you the newcomer?"

    "Yes," I said.

    "Follow me," he answered. I saw a beautiful building: nice lights and shields on the wall. "Here we are," the man said.

    to be continued...

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  • Your writing seems to be improving some, Bellerophen. Thank you for sending in all these chronicles. And thank you, Avatara, for fixing some of the grammar, spelling, and such for me.

    Slayer's guide to capitalization

    The first letter of every sentence should be capitalized. Also, the word "I" should always be capitalized.

    the capitalization was wrong, but i fixed it.

    The capitalization was wrong, but I fixed it.

    Slayer's guide to Cythera:

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  • Is English the only language that requires that? Я знаю, что русски не делает, et je sais que le français ne le demande non plus.

    Good work, to all involved :)

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