Cythera Chronicles: The War of Cytkel, Chapter 1

  • The six companions looked at the pure yellow quartz wall and the Tower of Fortalass, the only remaining library that had a copy of every volume ever written. Sanel led them past the frost covered iron gates of the outer wall. Sanel led them into a yellow stone hallway. As the group looked at the walls, Sanel conversed with the guards. The dwarf and others stared in awe, while the relkin said he could see cracks in grout. Torek, the dravel elbowed Kel in the stomach. Darkflame, or Dark as he was more commonly known, giggled at the fight between his two friends. Sanel turned around and walked toward the group, his look made the grifel, dravel, and the relkin stop. They put on a look of seriousness. Then Sanel said, “Come, I have convinced that guards that we are not trying to steal anything or burn anything, although one guard has been assigned per person, so don’t do anything strange that will get us kicked out.” Sanel gave a look at Kel and then led the group through the old but clean black metal portcullis. It screeched as it rose from the ground, it only went high enough for the companions enter, everyone had to duck.  
    Six guards waited on the other side, each had a hand within reaching distance of his/her weapon, in case this “companionship” of six different races tried to pull something. All of the guards in the building were of the elves, humans, and all of the “halflings”.   
    Kel didn’t like to have someone constantly looking over his shoulder. Although Kel could not see the guard, he could feel him, he looked over at Sanel, pleadingly. From what Sanel could see, the druid was about to send a ice bolt at the guard’s leg. Sanel nodded a “no” and Kel sighed. Now with their “escort” the six could finally enter the main part of the tower. The whole tower was basically a big library. Natis pushed on the heavy wooden doors, reinforced with jadin steel, the strongest metal in existence.  
    The druid was amazed to find that the huge door didn’t make a squeak. Kel hurried forward and looked at the hinges, covered with oil made by the druids. The relkin’s day now made, Kel wore a smile as the six split up and headed their separate ways for different information. Torek, Sanel and Dark head toward the magic section while, Hykal headed for Architecture and Kel looked around then headed for what he thought was the potions and herbs section.  
    After spending a week at the Tower of Fortalass, Kel met the rest of them at the big wooden door. Everyone looked satisfied at the books that were once empty, now ether copies of books or notes taken from the books each had read. Dark suggested that we go to the city of Orken.  
    On the way back, each reread on what notes they had taken or what books they copied. Thanks to a new charm and from out of kindness, horses accompanied them, but Kel rode on a moose. He was reading the book “The Druid’s Potions and Other Charms.” He was getting to a very interesting part when the moose made a growl. Kel looked up and saw everyone puzzled. “He’s hungry and that means we should camp here tonight,” said Kel.  
    “But there is plenty of light left, we still have a fourth of a day left, and we can reach Orken by nightfall,” said Hykal.  
    “You of all ancient dwarfs, no offense, should know that it is best to set up camp in Quwok Forest. There is an enchantment on the forest. Many call it a curse. The sunlight stays a little longer in the forest but at any second it could go out causing many people to lose the trail and wander off a cliff or into a den of a tiger. My people have tried many years, and still are trying to lift this curse put on the northern part of my people’s land,” replied Kel. By the time the six of them set up their tents and got a small fire going, the sun looked like it was about to set, Kel sat staring at the sun and he could now sense strange magic at work. He turnned around just in time to get Torek's attention right before he cast a spell.  
    “What are you doing Torek?” asked Kel, strangly.  
    “Oh, well I was about to change that tree into a log, for the fire.” Replied Torek.  
    “Can’t you sense the hange of the forest? I mean like strange magic at work? I think you might want to wait till morning before casting anything.”  
    “Stop worrying Kel, I know how to aim. But what are you getting at?”  
    “I don’t have anything personal against you using trees for target practice, but I mean it is almost the middle of night.”  
    “Kel, stop being silly...” Torek’s voice trailed off as suddenly the well lit sky turned to almost mid night...  

    (to be continued)

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  • This is an interesting chronicle. It presents some interesting places. I hope to see more of this series soon.

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