Cythera Chronicles: the dark mage part 4 the ring

  • It took a long time, so we needed to kill an unicorn. "Delicious," Lucas said, "I've never killed an unicorn and eaten it."

    "Sometimes it's handy when you are on trips," I answered.

    "Ruffians!" Lucas yelled. Five ruffians came to get us. Two guys threw knives and we ducked. We cast a lightning spell and we defeated them all.

    We were going over the bridge. "There it is," I said. We came into Catamarca. "Where is the judge?" I asked a man. The man answered, "He is at Kosha now." "What is he doing there?" I asked. "I don't know," he said. "Thanks for the info," I said.

    We went to the tavern first. We drank some wine and ate bread and we left.

    Four hours later...............

    We finally reached Cademia. It was 10 o'clock in the night, so we slept in the Two Tailed Rat. The next morning we ate our meal and drank some water, then left.

    "We made it!" Lucas yelled. We saw the judge in the tavern. He had a nice ring with an blue crystal on the top. The crystal was glowing. "That's him," I said.

    We came in and we ordered some meat. The judge was sitting with meat and wine. "Hello Bellerophon! It's been a long time. I see you have an nice sword."

    "Yes," I said. Lucas cast a fireball. It hit him but to no effect. The dark mage also did a spell. Knives came out of his hand, but they missed us. "Get his ring," I said. Lucas did a spell. The ring came to his hand.

    The dark mage was trying to kill them the whole time. I put the ring on my finger. I took the spell book. While Lucas was attacking him, I said, "doeba loeba carta shoeba." The dark mage fell in flames. "Yes!" Lucas yelled. Everybody in the tavern ran away. The dark mage melted.

    There was only one thing to do. I cast lightning on the ring. The ring was gone. "Now what?" Lucas asked, "back to catamarca lets see if everybody is okay?"

    We went to Catamarca. Everybody was cured. They came to thank us and we became boss of Catamarca. Also my brother came to visit us. "Well done," he said. My brother now had a kid called Philinius.

    And me?

    I just lived further in Pnyx. I became freemage and I studied history. I became master and I taught. Lucas is master of legends.

    The end.

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  • This chronicle seemed like a kind of weak conclusion to your Dark Mage series. Parts were a little confusing, too. For example, the party tried to kill the judge of Catamarca after he complimented your sword. The battle with the ruffians could have been used to increase the suspense, but as it was written it seemed like it was entirely pointless. What good is a battle if it's over two sentences after it begins?

    By the way, the correct spelling is "said," not "sayd."

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