Cythera Chronicles: The account of Thesises the beggar

  • This is the account of Thesises.
    Account found by Anisa. Written by the unknown who goes by the name of Half Truth.

    In the dark of the night where no shadow is ever seen, roam people of the unspeakable nature, killing for only the sole reason of pleasure. These people are the ruffians, the lords of the darkness of Cademia. But in the light of day they return to their home, the abyss, until the darkness of the night creeps back into the mother city. Through the light of day the beggars come from their slumber to do another days work. Thesises was just one of the many beggars in the city of Cademia, he was no ordinary beggar that is found roaming around the wise Neoptolemus. Thesises is different because he is one of only a few beggars that are able to at least put up a fight against a ruffian and the only beggar that is a master gambler. When Thesises was but only a lad, Neoptolemus the wise taught him how to persuade people to do things that they normally wouldn't have done, but this has also been his downfall. One week ago I saved Thesises from a ruffian that was getting ready to cut out his heart to show to his unknown master in the abyss. After I had killed the ruffian, Thesises decided that it would be best if he would join my noble quest even though he didn't know what it was. I declined his proposal and told him to go back to what ever he was previously doing. With that he left me, but that wasn't the end of it. I decided that it would have been best for him if I followed him for a few days just to make sure that he stayed out of trouble.

    Two days later, I found Thesises being attacked by another ruffian. I saw that Thesises had the upper hand this time, so I just waited in the shadows. I got out my bow and arrow so that I had no chance of being seen. After about five minutes, Thesises finally rendered the ruffian unconscious. I gave him a few seconds to regain his nerve and then I slowly walked up to him and tapped him on the shoulder. By this time I had already put my bow and arrows away, then I touched him on the shoulder and he darted around and thumped me across the head. When he noticed who I was he apologized and I told him that he had a good punch. This time he didn't bother asking me if he could join my quest, I think that it might have been because he had just killed a ruffian with his bare hands. I showed him some better ways to attack people barehanded. He said that he didn't need any training, but when I started to show him things he realized that he wasn't as good as he thought he was.

    I had never really thought about where all of the ruffians were coming from after nightfall in Cademia, it was a part of my nature to protect the weak and also try to find a cure for Alaric. At the time I thought that it might have been a good idea to search what was down there, maybe that was where the cure was. Three days later after some good rest and relaxation, I decided that it was time to go down the abyss. I thought that it might have been better to go down during the daytime and hope that all of the ruffians were asleep. When I started the climb down the vertical cliff face the air smelled fresh, but the further that I went down, the worse that the air started to smell. I knew that I had smelled that smell before. One of the smells that I could smell was kind of like cooking meat and then other smell eluded me at the time. After about three hours of climbing down, I reached a ledge that looked like it was stable enough to stand on. As soon as I touched the ledge I felt a slight surge go through my body, it felt like I was falling asleep. Then a shape formed in front of me, it was Omen again and he said, "Do not go down to the bottom of the abyss, only death is what you will find down there." I knew that Omen had been correct in everything else that he had ever told me and I trusted him so I heeded his warning and started my climb back up to the surface.

    Two days after the vision of Omen, I decided to go looking for Thesises again. It was getting close to evening and I wanted to find him before dark. I was still feeling drowsy from when Omen talked to me. Personally, I don't think that he knows how much mental and physical energy that it takes from you when Omen decides to talk to you. I have always wondered how he does what he does, but then again there is strong magic in the world and for Omen to be able to do what he does, he much be quite powerful. I would hate to get on his bad side. It took a while, but I finally found Thesises. He had won a little bit of money from gambling and was eating his dinner. I sat down at the seat next to him and ordered a leg of lamb. We started talking about the weather and other stuff that people talk about when they have nothing important to say. We talked for hours when I heard some noises outside. It sounded like kicking and punching. Then without warning a group of ruffians barged through the front door waving axes and swords. I got up immediately and drew my sword and started hacking at the ruffians that just kept of pouring un through the door. Thesises was fighting barehanded and was using some of the techniques that I had taught him earlier. Between us, we killed almost all of the ruffians. Then a tallish figure walked through the door and when I looked at it, it felt like it could see straight into my soul. Thesises without even thinking ran straight at the figure standing at the door. His black cape drooped onto the floor. When Thesises got within distance of attacking the black figure, with lightning reflexes it thrust what looked like an arm straight into Thesises chest and ripped out his heart, turned around and ran in the direction of the abyss. I killed all of the remaining ruffians and didn't bother chasing the creature because I knew that I would probably kill me. I got down onto my knees and started to mourn over the body of Thesises.

    The next morning Thesises' body was burned and his ashes where dropped down into the abyss. I couldn't get the feeling that I had had the night before out of my head. It didn't feel like anything natural. I swore revenge on the monster that had killed Thesises no matter what the cost.

    To be continued...

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  • This is a good beginning chapter. I hope to see more of this story in the future. I liked the way you incorporated characters from the game into your story.

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