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  • Tried to submit a chronicle here, but I don't think I got it right. How do you do that, what with the new forum and all? Pardon me for being a bit confused...

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  • I'd wait for a bit until the chronicle board resembles something more like its supposed to. It'll take a while, there's a million things for andrew to tweak (he just got up the image galleries last night).

    There is still a pending chronicles forum, but I'm not sure how it ties in to this one just yet.

  • In the meantime, I think your best guess would be to post it like you did this topic, only to use the subject line format of all the others (i.e. "Cythera Chronicles: The Perils of Foo and Bar"). It would probably work without a hitch when the old system returns.

  • Okay, thanks! I'll wait for moki to sort things out.

  • I'd have thought it would be easier to use Invision's built-in moderation tools, rather than kludge it with a 'pending' board.

  • Probably, but its not yet ironed out how andrew is going to set it up.

  • I think the main issue with the Chrons/Newswire forums is the appearance. The moderation tools are easy enough to enable, but I don't believe that the old style can be done purely through appearance - there's some lower-level hacking that has to happen first (I seem to recall trying with phpBB a while back, and it wasn't fun).

  • Pallas Athene, on Sep 14 2004, 01:38 PM, said:

    I think the main issue with the Chrons/Newswire forums is the appearance.
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    You mean things like the 'recent articles' in the sidebar? That'd be good to get back, it was a nice feature.

  • Actually, the harder part is getting it to display the current article in the "forum" view. You can put the 'recent articles' in via skinning, but in order to display the article itself, you have to change the scripts programmatically so as to retrieve an article when, under the default script set, it won't.

  • So for the time being, any chronicles we write we should just post in this forum?

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  • You know, if this chronicle idea is going to work, the authors could really use peer feedback.

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