Cythera Chronicles: Rasul the guard

  • This is the account of Rasul
    Account found by Anisa. Written by the unknown who goes by the name of "Half Truth".

    Rasul was a guard who lived in the Land King Hall and worked under Alaric the King. Rasul was a person that other people viewed as antisocial, a lot of people don't understand because he is a deep thinker. Although he may have great knowledge it couldn't prevent his own demise, in fact it brought it on him. Rasul's only true friend was Hector, the son of the general of the guards who was the personal guard and left hand of the king.

    Its been two months since Thesises was killed by the creature in the black robe. Standing around the Land King Hall brings back a lot of the feelings that I experienced when Thesises was killed. The other feeling of weakness and tiredness were also returning. Eleven days ago I come to the land King Hall to go and read Alarics great library to learn the history of and hopeful get a better idea of of where the rest of the cronola is located. I was met by Hadrain and his son Hector when I entered the Land King Hall who escorted me to my quarters. From the outside the Land King Hall the place looks massive but from the inside it isn't all that big. I would have thought that because the King lives here that it would be bigger. Another thing that I noticed was that there wasnÕt all that many guards or any other people for that matter.
    Hadrain was a very well respected man who's opinion Alaric took to heart. The kings fool who goes by the name of Magpie is Alarics right hand. He is probable the king most trusted and also the person that Alaric relies on most for help. Most of the people that know of him donÕt like him but they still have to put up with him because of who he is, the kings fool.

    Early the next morning I went into the great library. I reckon that it would have been 7:30 in the morning when Rasul walked into the library. At first I thought that this may have been his assigned post. When he walked in he didn't look at me directly. I asked him how he was going and he replied with the word "good" without looking at me or expressing anything in the tone of his voice. He walked around the library for a bit, I was reading at the time but also wondering what he was doing because he didn't seem to know where he was going. About five minutes latter he come back with a book and sat on a chair on the other side of the room. It must have been about an hour before I finished the short book that Alaric had wrote himself when he was younger, I got so involved in the book that I didn't even notice that Rasul had left the chair. I got up to put the book back on the shelf and get another when out of the corner of my eye I saw Rasul quietly walking out from behind the shelves and get out of the door without me seeing him. I turned around at the instant that I knew what he was doing and tried to start a conversation with him. I know that he wasn't much of a talking an that was why he was trying to avoid me. He was answering me in short sentences and without much expression. We weren't talking for all that long before he ended the conversation saying that he had to get back to work.

    Two days latter when I was in the library Rasul entered and did the same thing as he did the first time but this time he seemed to be a lot more relaxed about the situation. I was speechless that when he entered the library he actually greeted me but after that he just went all unsocial again, sitting in the corner of the room, I asked him to come over and sit next to me a few times but he rejected the offer politely. It seemed like it was his day off because this time I left before he did to go have lunch. When I was walking past Magpies quarters I decided that it would be a good time to ask him some questions about history. I knew that Magpie never said all that much about anything, it was almost like he knew a lot but didn't want anyone to know, it also may have been that he was a little slow and didn't understand what I was saying. I wouldn't get much out of him so I left. I had walked about 15 meters before I remembered something I needed to know but when I went back to his quarters he wasn't there, I knew that he couldn't have gone anywhere in that amount of time, it confused me for a but I was starting to get really hungry so I decided that I would be best to think about that event latter on.

    Seven days latter I had finished about a quarter of all of the books in Alarics great library. Personally I didn't think that it was all that great, I had read some of the books in the Pnyx and they seemed to be a lot more interesting. I hadn't learned anything about the cronola but I did find out quite a bit about the history of the Land King Hall, another thing that I learned was that Rasul is actually very smart. Rasul and I now spent most of our time talking about past experiences. When we were in the library talking Rasul told me about something that he had found just south of the fountain at the entrance of the great hall. He said that he had found a quite large crack in the wall that he couldn't fit through. He was wondering if I could help him make the hole big enough so that both of us could fit through it. I agreed of course, just after that Hector walked into the room and told Rasul that his shift was starting now and that he had to go see Hadrain for the debriefing. Not long after Rasul had left the library I got this feeling like all of the energy in my body was being drained out of me, then Omen appeared in front of me saying that I shouldn't stay around Rasul any longer because he was going to be a danger to me and then he disappeared again. I didn't know weather I should believe him or not, I thought that Rasul was so harmless, I also knew that he couldn't hurt me badly in a fight but still I heeded his warning. I didn't actually try to avoid Rasul, I didn't have the energy to, all I did was staying in me quarters and slept.

    Two days latter I was feeling quite energetic again, I still wasn't feeling perfect and I knew that I wouldn't feel that was for at least another week or so. I hadn't eaten on two days so I was really hungry so I want to Alaric's cook and asked for a extra large meal. She knew that I wasn't feeling all that well before and that I hadn't eaten so she understood and didn't ask any questions. I was close to finishing my meal when I heard a scream and then another scream just after that followed by a large grumble through the earth. It seemed like a minor earthquake. At that moment I remember what Rasul had said two days before about the crack in the wall. I got up out of my chair and then I felt weak again, it didn't exactly feel like it was Omen, it felt different somehow but the effects were that same. It subsided after a few minutes and once it did I got to my feet and started running for the place that Rasul had explained that the crack in the wall was. When I got to the crack I squeezed myself through it. It was light on the inside of the cave, there were some torches hung up on the wall and one or two scattered across the floor. I saw two bodies up ahead, I slowly walked up to them and saw that one of them what Rasul and the other was a ruffian. It looked like the earthquake had killed the both of them but Rasul had a hole in his chest. It looked like the creature had taken another heart and scattered. I fell to my knees and started to weep over the dead body of Rasul.

    Latter that day I had Hadrain and some of his soldiers to come down and help get them out of there so that we could have a funeral for Rasul and bury the ruffian. It seemed like the creature was following me and killing the people that I seemed to get close to or it may have just been coincidence, at this point I couldn't be sure but what I knew was that I was starting to get very vexed with that creature and that I was going to get my revenge.

    To be continued...

  • Per Avatara's request, I am going to start peer review of chronicles. I don't know if he wants an opinion of the plot or correction of the errors, so I'll do both.

    I liked this story. It brought in the friendship side of Cythera. The game touches on friendships quite often, but to be told in story form makes them come to a more realistic view. I also enjoy how this story ties in with the game, as well. It is just like the start of the game, only Half Truth has added in extra characters for a more interesting and personal aspect of the land of Cythera.

    As with most things, there are spelling and grammatical errors. If you would like to correct them, Half Truth, I am sure that I can get you a list of corrections by reading it again.

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