Cythera Chronicles: Alaric the King

  • Alaric the King
    Account found by Anisa. Written by the unknown who goes by the name of "Half Truth".

    Alaric was the king of Cythera at the time and was loved by almost everyone who lived under his rule. Over the past few years Alaric had slowly become weaker and just recently he has been struck down with an illness that has yet to have a cure. Some believe that it is a curse or a hex that has been cast upon him, others believe that he is just getting old and others are yet still to decide. What ever that cause is that effect still remains the same. In some parts of the land people that have herd of Alaric's illness are starting to become afraid because they know that his power is diminishing.

    I have spent approximately one week trying to find out information. What I have concluded is that the illness started getting worse about 3 months ago, that was about the time that people started loosing faith in him and some went to the extremes and pulled away from him altogether because that don't want to be around when he looses his grip on reality. About one month ago he started talking a little different and it looked like he was starting to have to think harder when ever he got asked a question. Just recently Alaric has started to physically slow down. He has noticeably become less active, sleeping longer but his appetite hasn't changed which isn't good because he used to burn off everything that he ate, but now he just seems to be getting a little fatter. Its not really noticeable at the moment but latter it will become a problem if he doesn't fix it soon.

    Its been two weeks to the day since Rasul died and his death was still fresh on my mind as was Thesises' death not far behind. There wasn't a grave in the Land King Hall, there wasn't even one close, the closed one was in a town called Catamarca. It wasn't long before I decided that I would be going there, it seemed like I was being called down to that city. the more that I thought about it the more that I felt like I needed to go down there. I think it may just be that I never really did anything at Rasul's grave, I wasn't even at the funeral because of the matters with Alaric.

    I had decided that I was going to leave for the city of Catamarca in two days time, but in the mean time I thought that I should pack up and get ready and then read for the next one and a half days. That night I was in my quarters and I was looking into the mirror when it started to go black like there was a fog shrouding it from within. After a few seconds an image appeared and then I realised that it was Omen. He started saying that I have to go down to Catamarca if I want to save Alaric, then I disappeared again just leaving the mirror that way that It was originally. This time when Omen appeared it didn't make me feel any different. After a while of thinking about it I concluded that he must only have to take you energy to make an image but Omen can create an image through something else. After a while of thinking about that I also concluded that he should just create himself out of the air instead of me. I didn't know if that was the way that it worked or nat but it made me feel a little angry that all my life he has been making me feel like dying if he never had to in the first place, making it seem like a game to him. In disgust I finally fell asleep that night.

    I read the books for the whole day that day and then left the next.

    To be continued...

  • This chronicle was mostly descriptive of Alaric and the main character's feelings on Rasul's death. It follows the game's plot for the most part. Alaric is sick, and Half Truth provide's some narration on the illness. Rasul's death has certainly affected the character, as he feels he must go to Catamarca to pay his respects. In the game, Hadrian asks you to pay respects to his mother's grave. In this, Half Truth has altered that quest to paying respects to Rasul. While some parts of this seem a little slow moving, I am sure that they will all come together to form an excellent story.

    Once again, there are the basic errors, but I can get a list of errors for this one, too, if you would like Half Truth.

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