Cythera Chronicles: Account of Pegthm

  • Account of Pegthm
    Account found by Anisa. Written by the unknown who goes by the name of "Half Truth".

    Pegthm was what at first just looked like an ordinary person, tall, black hair, raggedy clothes. It was what I thought when I first saw him but after a few hours I realised that he was more than that, he seemed to keep the small city of Catamarca together. He was fast on his feet and an excellent hunter, because of his agility he seemed to do a lot of work and was glad to do it. Nobody paid him and nobody expected any money from him if he wasn't to buy anything because he has helped everyone at least once. At first it seemed a little strange because i though that he was getting special treatment for some reason or another but it didn't take me long to notice that he earned everything that he got. Although his great speed was a blessing it still wasn't enough to stop the death of the third person.

    It was 3 days ago that I arrived into Caramarca about two weeks after I had left the Land King Hall, it was late and Pegthm met me at the entrance of the small city. As I walked in I saw the grave yard and at that moment I had a surge go through me, a surge to tell me that I had to do something and it showed me what and where to do it. I was met by the baron of Catamarca and he invited my for dinner, some how he knew that I was coming but that didn't matter. I was talking to the baron for at least 4 hours and in that time I found out that he was a mage and also that Catamarca had come down with an illness that had effected the water, he warned me that the only thing that should be drunk around here is the wine because they hasn't been effected because the wineries that make the wine are on the way to Cademia and that the illness is only local. It didn't sound like the illness was all that bad, it wasn't life threatening or anything, the only thing that made it so bad is that they didn't know were it was coming form or how to cure it.

    The following morning I woke up to a lot of noise that was coming from the eating halls. It wasn't until latter on that I regretted staying at the rooms there. I had got out of bed to see what was happening and when I got to the halls everyone was having breakfast. I walked over to one of the shutters and peered outside and it was still pitch black. As I was doing the this cook, who was also the person that gave me my room walked over and explained that in Catamarca people get up early so that they can get in a full days work. It seemed like the people that lived here were very high spirited, that may have been because most of the time they were drunk from all of the wine that they drink but I couldn't be sure. I decided that I should have breakfast with them to eliminate that chance of offending someone by mistake.

    Latter that day I went and talked to the person that buried Rasul and asked her if she could take me to the burial site and she agreed to it. On the way there she explained what happened at the ceremony in great detail, I also learned that Pegthm gave a speech because he had met him once before. When we got to the grave she left because she had a lot of other work that had to be done, I think that she also realised that I would have had wanted some alone time. I spent a few hours talking to the grave, half of the time I spent in tears. After I had finished with that I knew that most of my work had been done here and I started deciding where I would be going off to next. Latter that night the baron sat next to me in the eating hall and asked me for his help. He asked me if I could try to find out the source of the illness, I said that I would try the next day.

    I woke up again to the noise of peoples talking in the eating halls and i got up and joined them soon there after. They didn't really have all that much to eat in a way of variety, it was mainly just meat that Pegthm had got the previous day and some vegetables that had been grown by the locals. Work had already spread that I was going to be trying to find the source of the illness in the water supply. Everyone was wondering how I was going to find it and if I could do it, I didn't really say all that much to get peoples hopes up, I just said that I might be able to if luck comes my way.

    After I had finished eating it was starting to become lighter outside so I started my search. The first thing I did was tried to locate were the water came from, I asked around but nobody knew because the information had never been handed down through the generations. I knew that the water would have been coming from under ground because there wasn't any fresh water in a usable distance. I spent the rest of the day just wandering around looking for and possible exit for the water to get to the citizens but i had no luck. Latter that night I decided to try out my foresight skill that I had acquired while I was in the Land King Hall. I sat down in the middle of my room and started to let my mind be drifted away. I started to see things that I had never dreamed of, it took me a while but I finally found where the water was but for some strange reason at the time I couldn't see what the problem was, I was able to see that water and I knew that there was something else down there that I could sense but I just didn't know what it was, at the time i thought that it was just because my skills at foresight weren't trained enough.

    Early the next morning I got up before anybody else did so that I could go to the place that I saw the water in my mind. It was under the barons house, I didn't think that the baron knew that it was there, I supposed that it was put where it was by the builders because the person that was supposed to tend to the water lived in that house. The only problem that I as going to have was actually getting to the trap door because the secret door that's in front of it is in the bedroom were the baron sleeps. I very quietly walked through the door and then down the hall and then into the bedroom. Down at the far end of the room was here the baron was sleeping. I walked down to were the secret door was and carefully pushed the button which unlocked the stone door. I carefully pushed it open just enough for me to fit through and creeped through. On the other side was a small room were another secret door was hidden, I also opened that door the same way and pushed it open. When I got through there was the trap door. I fiddled with the door for a second and realised that is was locked so I brought up the will within me and thrusted it towards the lock and it opened. I pulled it open and started to climb down the ladder.

    While I was down there I could sense that there was other living creatures down here, I looked at them with my mind and instantly knew that they weren't human. I pulled out my sword and i started glowing which was bright enough to eliminate the cave enough that I could see were I was going. As soon as I walked around the first corner a green creature attacked. When I was probing the area I could only sense the presence of it but could see what it was and as soon as I saw it with my own eyes I knew that it was a Polyp. It didn't take me long to kill the Polyp but once I started moving further through the cave I found numerous more. As i got further I started hearing the sound of running water and I slowly came to a natural fountain in the ground which was running water into a very small stream. As I go closer I saw some green within the water and I noticed that it was one of the pieces to the crystal that I had been looking for. When I picked it up I felt a surge go through my body and at the moment I knew that it was the cause of the illness.

    When I got back to the eating halls everyone was up and had started eating and drinking. I walked in there and told everyone that I was worked out what was poisoning the water. Most of the people were delighted it hearing that they would soon be able to drink water again while others, mainly men, didn't seem all that thrilled because they now didn't have an excuse to be drinking. About half an hour latter I felt a tingling feeling at the back of my neck and I knew instantly that something was coming with great speed. Suddenly the black robed creature run through the door and thrusted his hand into the chest of Pegthm and then teleported away. Everyone was screaming but I just stood there and did nothing because I knew that he was here to haunt me. It felt like I was heartless, I knew otherwise.

    To be continued...

  • Out of the two most recent chronicles, this was the best. It had a fairly quick moving story, another death, fighting(while on a small scale), and the solving of a main quest. It contained a lot in it. The character has given his respects to the grave of Rasul, and he is now trying to find the source of the disease that has resulted from something corrupting the water. He fights polyps, finds a piece of "the crystal that (he( had been looking for". The monster reappers and kills yet another good citizen. I don't know who or what the monster is, but I am sure that Half Truth will make it a very important and interest-catching chronicle as he solves the other quests of Cythera.

    Half Truth: This one also has those errors that I have spoken of previously. What I would suggest is to write these in another program and spell check, as I do with most things that I type. If you already do, then proofreading is a good idea, but that is where peer review can come in. If you don't I realize the a speller won't catch words like Here instead of There or Where. That can be avoided by proofreading as well, but hopefully, by writing chronicles, we can all become better writers and improve our chronicles as time goes on. Overall, though, I like your idea. It is a good idea to make a descriptive story of the game's plot. It is even greater to add your own ideas to that plot so that they can all tie together as an excellent story.

    Note: I hope to, from here on, keep up with chronicles and add my review of them. I also intend to post my own chronicles occasionally. So, keep up the good work, everyone.
    Avatare, I hope that this counts as "peer review".

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