Cythera Chronicles: On the history of Selax

  • Not much is known about the strange elemental calling himself Selax. What is certain is that he is not a native elemental of Cythera. It is generally believed that he is older than Cythera by far and probably the last of his kind. His race is generally supposed to have been destroyed in a great explosion from which he alone escaped. It is said that he discovered that his world was about to be destroyed and learned to travel the void in order to escape. Rumors say that he tried to warn his people, but Balon, the chief scientist, opposed him and he was unable to convince them and save them from the explosion. Selax himself says that after that he roamed widely, searching for any others of his kind who might have survived, before coming to Cythera.

    It is unknown why or when Selax came to Cythera and why he didn't leave. Most think that he got tangled up in the wars of the elements for he is vaguely mentioned in many of the elemental's writings. They say that he is one of the best living swordsman that is known. After these wars, some claim he remained in Cythera, but others believe that he left. Legends say that he helped found the city of Pnyx and was somehow associated with the early mages. However, Selax has returned to Cythera and may tell more of his history.

  • This piece offers some sort of background on Selax, but its not very much and it probably would have been better off in the "character info" thread rather than as a chronicle. Its just not really much of a story (or a poem, or a song, or something else like that).

  • better way probably to have done this, would have been make it into a story...

    -Dark Jet

    175 oh yeah! "and Dark Jet takes the lead by 75, leaving Selax at 100..." :D

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