Cythera Chronicles: Prologue-Words of the Chimaera

  • Part of a manuscript retrieved by the elemental Selax at great peril. Sadly, one part is decayed. This is shown by "-"s.

    _It shouldn't have been this way.

    In the beginning, when the void formed, we, the Chimaera, formed our grand plan to spread order and justice throughout all realities. So we walked through the void, openly revealing ourselves to the lesser races, and convincing them of the wisdom of our plan. For half of the first void cycle (some would call it half an eternity), we spread order and joy through many races.

    In the midst of our success, the darkness began to fall upon us.

    The foremost of our scientists discovered a means by which the power of the natural process of death could perhaps be subjugated and controlled. After much debate the greater of us agreed that control of this process would further our plan. Bravely, the scientist volunteered to undergo the process himself. Reluctantly, we agreed. The process proved to be a success and his power was vastly increased, so that he himself matched us all in power. His vast control of death (although not total for he could not kill without using a spell or his sword-he could not kill those matched him in power at any rate) greatly furthered our plan. For the next half void cycle, we saw greater success than we had dreamed possible, spreading order to hundreds of realities.

    Then, it happened.

    Out of nowhere, a vast horde of hideous creatures burst upon our servant races. Shocked, we went ourselves to assist those who had joined in our plan. With the greatest of our servants, we attacked the evil army. At first, it seemed that we would destroy them utterly.
    But we were betrayed.
    The former scientist attacked, successfully negating our power with his. He told us that we were to call him the Death ---g and that he would rule the void. Stunned, we were forced to withdraw and regroup. We knew that our only chance to save ourselves and our servants was to send the greatest of our servant races' armies against the horrific army and then against the betrayer.
    Thus, the largest and longest war ever fought ensued.
    For hundreds of void cycles, we fought. Many realities were destroyed and many were brought into our plan. Many fought in this war without ever realizing it. It looked like it would be an eternal stalemate.
    It was not to be. Gradually, he corrupted many of our servants, but we could not bring order to his mindless minions. When the greatest of our servants was corrupted, his army and the corrupted ones attacked us, so we were defeated at last. But we were able to keep the great betrayer from destroying us; However, he was able to bind us under a spell that keeps us from ever again matching his power with ours and prevents us from standing against him . Then, he banished us to wander the void forever.
    We were no longer able to act openly but only from the shadows because the realities that we influenced visibly were quickly destroyed. So for many years, we watched as he destroyed reality after reality.
    Suddenly, he disappeared from our sight. To this day, we know not where he went or where he is.

    This is my account of the great betrayal. It is to be placed in the records of the Chimaera and on one of the dead realities as a testament to the peril all races face._

  • Sounds like it could lead to good things Selax, and I enjoyed the writing style- journals are a great medium if written properly. I felt there was a little confusion though: at the start of the peice you describe the race as being a kind of U.N., spreading peace etc, and later on you refer to the 'lesser races' as your servants.

    Mmm.. This was meant to be constructive criticism. Hope it doesn't sound to mean :).

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  • The Chimaera considers itself to be something like a parent to the other races. They think of other races as being little children in need of guidance. Something like the Arilou from Star Control; they act like parents but consider others to be less intelligent than them. They believed that their power, knowledge, and the fact that they live naturally in the void placed them above the other races.

    I don't know if I'll use the journal style for later chapters. This was intended to be an introduction to Selax's arrival in Cythera and his subsequent involvment in the elemental's affairs (a series I'll co-author with the Wizard because his character will be involved after the first chapter). After that, I will probably write a series on the elemental's wars with each other. I would have mentioned the Death King in it with full spelling, but I said in the TS that Selax thought that the DK was from out of Cythera, if the manuscript had been complete, he'd have known for sure.
    The greatest of the Chimaera's servants who betrayed them will show up in the next TS with the Death King.
    However, if people would like, I could do a series on the war between the Death King and the Chimaera, which I might actually enjoy. Selax would show up every so often, as he gets involved in wars throughout different realities traveling through the void.

  • Well that makes it a lot clearer :).

  • "Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it...." Just cheering you on. :D

    -Dark Jet

  • Do what? The possible series that I mentioned?

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