Eternal War: Betrayal

  • Note: this is set after Eternal War: part 2 (whenever I get around to writing it) and is remembrance of events that will occur in the third part, although you won't see them.

    Tomsan looked in shock and horror at the figure responsible for the corruption of Ithraca.
    "Detharon?!" he managed. Next to the second in command of the Chimaera, stood the elemental Selax. Although he wasn't as strong in magic or physically, his experience with swords and his agility made him a formidable and virtually emotionless opponent, but now he too was staring in horror at Detharon. The commander of the Chimaera's guard stared back at them coldly. His eyes were yellow, his hair now white, and his wings looked reptilian. His voice sounded cold and cruel, when he spoke.
    "Tomsan. Selax. You shouldn't have come. Now you must die."
    "What has happened to you?" Selax asked sadly.
    "I have joined a new master. One who will bring order instead of the empty promises of the Chimaera," Detharon said, razor-sharp talons extending as he spoke.
    "Detharon, please don't do this," Tomsan pleaded," the Chimaera will still forgive you if you turn back from this course now!"
    All chances of stopping him were cut off, as he stepped forward and slashed. Selax skillfully deflected the blow but was sent spinning by the force behind it. Without hesitation, Tomsan attacked and Selax quickly returned to aid him. However, both knew that with his new powers Detharon's magic could make short work of them (Tomsan was skilled mage but not as good as Detharon), but now they had no choice. Detharon was strong and fast, holding off both of the expert swordsmen. At first. Gradually, he was pressed back and after ten straight days of fighting, his situation was critical. Then, he smiled and a ring of dark magic blasted out from him. When it cleared, he could see Tomsan on his knees and Selax had apparently been incinerated. Chuckling, Detharon walked up to Tomsan and raised his talons for the final strike. Suddenly, he heard a yell from above him.
    He jerked back, looking up. Smoking and obviously wounded, Selax dove at him—he had been behind Tomsan when the magic had struck. His sword bounced off solid bone, making a huge scratch on Detharon's face before Selax succeeded in running him through. Detharon staggered back, screaming in pain. The blow had missed his brain but had nearly removed one of his eyes. Tomsan lunged up and ran his sword through Detharon's side. Detharon nearly fell but, maintaining his footing, continued to stagger back. He tried to pull his wings around to protect him, but Selax and Tomsan pursued him relentlessly, slashing his wings and making great holes in them. Then, Detharon fell.
    Suddenly, a dark vortex descended and pulled Detharon into it. Then, it was gone, as quickly as it had appeared. Selax looked at Tomsan. Both knew they hadn't seen the last of him and that dark times were ahead.

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