Aethon's Story

  • A Cythera Chronicle

    I was fourteen when I started ratcatching. I lived in the slums of Cademia, when I met Estoleces. Estoleces was also a ratcatcher. He told me that he had a guild. We were so foolish then. Getting poisoned, drinking spirits and washing it away. Halos had also been a friend. We had our times together. He also did have a bad side, though. Anyways, my mother died when I was fourteen, and I never knew my father. When I met his Savior, he asked me to join him. I knew that he needed someone sly like me. I was armed with knives, slings, bows, and spears. That was my specialty. I learned how to throw a knife when I was twelve. Anyway, I joined him in his quest to save Alaric. Even though I could not separate from him, I had had enough with his killing of citizens. He killed Estoleces when he bought a lock pick and it broke. He killed Halos when he heard that he killed someone. Halos said he was framed. He even killed headmaster Lindus. The one thing that really bothered was that Meleager. He was a scroundrel. I hated him so. I respected him, though. I learned that when I saw his Savior set him up to be shredded to pieces. When the demon killed him, I got a piece of Meleager's gauntlets. He never used weapons, and the gauntlets were his most prized possesion. I have that piece today. Now that Sir Hector killed his Savior, I am back in the slums. Sir Hector found the bodies of many that his Savior killed. He brought them back with some amulet. The one person he could not bring back was his father. The amulet turned to dust after he brought back Alaric. The adventures we had with his Savior before he turned evil were amazing. If only the five of us were back together again.....

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