Eternal War: Part 2

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    Note: this topic is part 2 in the Endless War series which was started here. It might be a little short, but I might edit and add to it later.


    Every year more than could be counted died.
    Countless realities were shattered or devastated yearly.
    No war since or before then has been as devastating as the war between the Chimaera and their errant brother.
    Eternities had passed since the terrible struggle began and still it raged on with no sighs of abating.
    Vast armies roamed the ethereal void and many noble heroes, as well as many evil creatures, arose in this perilous time. Many deeds of valor and many horrible acts were done in those dark days.
    Many fought without ever knowing that they were part of a much larger war. They simply fought whatever manifestation the war took in their realities.
    Some who performed great deeds during this time did know what they fought for. One of these-the elemental Selax-became one of the greatest heroes of the times.
    To many of the participants, the war seemed hopeless, as if it truly was eternal. The Chimaera feared that the war would go on so long that all realities would be ravaged. The Death King (known only as the dark one at this time) cared only for besting the Chimaera, whatever happened before then was a side-affect.
    The second (and most of the third) part of the war was its bloodiest phase, as both sides seemed to only be able to stalemate the other. Gigantic hordes of monstrous creatures fought against the Chimaera's vast armies. Often, the forces of the Chimaera would face undead and other monsters too numerous to count.
    Only once (about midway through the war-it was to happen again at the end of the war) did the Death King and the Chimaera struggle against each other in person. The energies unleashed were terrible and incinerated the realities around the combatants. After an incredible contest of arcane mastery, they gave up as they were unable to really damage each other.
    The Death King's forces invaded any reality that they encountered and, as a result, the Chimaera was often forced to occupy any reality that they encountered to keep it safe. Even so, the fighting at this time in the war mainly took place in realities, often leaving fallow and barren wastelands and a stalemate (although both sides would continue to fight).
    The Death King's encounter with the Chimaera was a turning point in the war.
    Although the war would continue for many more eternities, just as it had for eternities past, a turning point was reached.
    In the third and most tragic phase of the war, this turning point would be revealed._

  • Very interesting along with a good job on the writing.

    Is the third phase of the war going to be the third episode in the series?

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