White Death

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    From the records of the first nuclear winter:


    It was strange, after a nuclear war, and a small nuclear winter was created that would last 50 years, nations kept on fighting. The reason it wasn't just a nuclear winter, was because every Tuesday the sun was able to get passed the clouds for about two hours. These two hours were known as the Hour's of Light, and ironically, the day following it, once called Wednesday, is now called the Day of Darkness. It is the exact opposite of the Hours of Light, so dark that, even with a high powered light you could only see five feet in-front of you.
    The town once called Los Alamos(LA), in the United States was now called White Death(WD). All of modern technology was either destroyed or didn't work in such cold weather, and the population of the United states dropped dramatically. Bringing it down from about 5 billion to 1,000. Many of the states were hit with nukes more than once, some like Florida, are completely dead and full of water. The only surviving states are New Mexico and Colorado. Cities like Albuquerque and Boulder, were either nuked or flooded (or both) with water as some nation nuke Antarctica and the North Pole. Canada is totally gone. Only cities like LA, and Fort Collins survived, and not even all of them, because some were nuked, or hit with conventional missiles.
    Some people were able to flee into the mountains, but not all could survive the cold, or the animals. Life totally changed, and survivors from cities had strange titles, such as four that survived from the city of Arvada, are now called Arvadaians. They built a village near the water, where it didn't snow as much but there was a ton of fog. Before creating their own village, they tried to join others, but the jokes were too much for them, such as "All hail, it's the people from the lost city of Arvada... ha ha ha ha." The four survivors name's are Kevin, Allie, Patrick, and Abbi. When they got news of the town of Los Alamos surviving the attack, their hopes rose. They would soon set out on a long journey to find it.
    Meanwhile back in LA, a secret and last storage of conventional missiles and half of the town survived. The thirteen year old kid once called Thomas changed his name to Talek, and join the defensive garrison. He felt good defending missiles that shouldn't ever be used again, while learning that Arvada was destroyed and his parents were killed in one of the explosions. Practically everyone that he had cared about were killed either by an arrow or spear or some type of missile.

    Chapter 1 - The Annoying Leaders

    "The scouts say 24 men are coming from the north. So you guys know what to do, window men, pull out the windows and stay down and in some place warm, while the archers kill the men coming to take this place and use what should not be used. Aim good, dodge and kick these power hungry *******'s ***es!" Talek said, being now the captain of the guard.
    Everyone cheered to his words, then headed out to different houses, to prepare. About the time everyone had a bow and arrow, the warning horn was sounded. Two archers wearing a black and blue uniform stepped out of the fog, their bows remained on their backs. Two spear men walked a couple paces ahead of them then stopped, with their spears still on their backs. Then their leader walked forward, "I, the Great and Fair leader, Mothak, will spare your lives if you surrender, or we can utterly destroy you, What do you say?"
    Talek walked forward, the window men pulling down the windows and hiding, archers stepped forward, "We will surrender oh mighty Mothak, (Mothak smiled) oh wait, your just another power hungry ******* wanting to be able to control the world, well this is what i have to say to that, (Mothak's face suddenly turned to an expression of horror) archers fire at will!" Talek ducked and ran back down the hall way. Within the first volley, ten of Mothak's men, including him, died. When they returned fire, only two archers fell dead, one was in Talek's room, before the wars. Talek got up and ran into his room, dragged the dead archer into the hallway, he grabbed his bow and arrows. He stood up and launched an arrow into the mist, hearing a scream before the archer died.
    Ten more dead bodies later, Talek, ordered everyone in the room to go take care of the wounded. He stood their and said to the to his friend that was in the bed near the window, "You doing alright Chris?" "Yeah, just hurry up and nail these guys so i can replace the windows." Talek took aim and suddenly moved his bow over to the left and let loose, blood "exploded" over the snow, and a body fell down soon after. Two more arrows fired from houses, hitting spearmen as they tried to get a shot. It was over, Talek nodded to Chris, his friend, Chris got up and put back in one window, and started the other, but Talek shot out on last arrow, killing yet another person. Chris put up the window and then joined Talek, walking back to the meeting room.

  • As no one else seems to be making any commentary on chronicles. . .
    This is an interesting story. I am guessing that you are discussing Thomas's background (as in your character on the web board). It could develop into a very good series.

  • I read it when you first posted it, went to reply to it and my internet folded, I never got back to writing it again.

    It looks like it could be a very interesting story, cant wait for the rest of it to come though.

  • I agree with Selax and Half Truth, great potential. It's especially interesting how it takes place on earth and uses realistic technology. This is a technique I've seen in use occasionally in Cythera, but not that often. It's a decent writing job, too.

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  • Thanks for the comments

    Selax, on Mar 10 2005, 04:39 PM, said:

    I am guessing that you are discussing Thomas's background (as in your character on the web board). It could develop into a very good series.
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    I never thought of it that way, it was kinda like a fictional autobiography but i like ur version better.

    The Wizard said:

    I agree with Selax and Half Truth, great potential.

    to quote Legendary Frog (the matrix still has you): "You've got motivation" Thanks, i'll work on the next part a bit this weekend.

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