Ode to Omen

  • For our creative piece for English we had to do something so I decided to made it on Omen.

    From dusk till dawn we do but travel,
    along the road lined with gravel,
    you cannot see and cannot hear,
    what lies within your deepest fear,
    you sense its power you feel its hold,
    upon its name you feel the cold,
    you cannot tell from wherest it came,
    but you can feel its pain,
    like the wind it comes and goes,
    it has the sting of a thorny rose,
    he tells you what lies ahead,
    you have to listen to what he said,
    he is there to help as it seems,
    but only tells what he deems,
    he leaves you in that endless dark,
    with nothing but a tiny spark,
    to see the truth you need a guide,
    pity that he wants to hide,
    in the end you feel the fire,
    the power drawn to your greatest desire,
    you can but feel the almighty power,
    it makes you feel really sour,
    it is Omen of which we sing this ode,
    come back now to your abode.


    EDIT: Grammar error.

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  • Interesting, looks pretty well done.

    (I'd probably be able to appreciate it more and have more to say if I was much of a poet.)

  • I like it. Excellent job. :)

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