Cythera Chronicles: Downfall: Prologue

  • Land King Hall, Year 2990 RA (Reign of Alaric)

    _An invading army smashes its way through the corridors of Land King Hall.

    The defenders fight desperately.

    Land King Hall has grown vast over the years. Once, it was the seat of Cythera—the center of its hopes and dreams. Now, it is filled with the sounds of war.

    In the ancient libraries, last-ditch stands are made. In the ancient feasting halls, where before there was much joy, now there are hopeless counterattacks are staged. In the quarters where families of great citizens or the guards themselves had once lived, men slaughter each other, forever overshadowing the memories of the happiness that had once dwelt there.

    Even though they know there is no hope, the defenders fight on. To them, it is a nightmare come true.

    Cythera is dying.

    Nearly three thousand years have passed since Bellerophon restored balance to Cythera. Under Alaric these years have been the Golden Age of Cythera.

    Now, all that is coming to an end. Over the past millennium, the powers of Alaric have waned. Ambitious houses and warlords have risen, seeking to put an end to Alaric's reign forever.
    Their chance has come at last.

    As war seems ready to erupt simultaneously all around Cythera, an army has poured into Land King Hall intending to take care of the last impediment to the coming chaos.

    At their head is the General Isaac Malthas. Counted by many the greatest swordsman that Cythera has seen in thousands of years, he wields the so-called "Sword of Justice." Perhaps 1500 years in the forging, this weapon is the only thing that exists that can kill Alaric forever. Malthas is certain of this; after all, he himself had tested it on Bahoudin or Magpie as some had called him. Some say the general will rule Cythera one day; however, Malthas has no plans to take over Cythera for himself. He is simply a soldier doing the bidding of his masters. He enjoys killing to much to want to have to bother with ruling anything. Malthas shows this now butchering ruthlessly everything in the ancient capital of Cythera.

    Despite the valiant efforts of the defenders, they are at last pushed back into the old throne room to make one last stand around their aging master.

    Outside, the army pauses for a few minutes, gathering itself for the final push.

    Malthas himself heads the charge into the throne room. Within minutes, the room is filled the dead and the dying, bringing a last desecration to what had once been the center of Cythera.

    Finally, it is over. The last of Cythera's noble defenders are dead. Malthas approaches the throne where Alaric sits, not having moved at all during the fighting. Alaric doesn't even look up as he nears.

    Malthas raises the sword . . . and swiftly brings it down . . ._

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