Cythera Chronicles: Downfall: Prologue Pt. 2

  • Lost Prophecy

    The so-called "Lost Prophecy" written by an unknown seer:

    _From two of Land and Sea shall come he who is Two.
    From Two shall come he who is Three and holds part of the Fifth.
    Those who walk the Fifth Element will be broken with the Downfall of the Two and the Three, but those of the Four Directions will find strength once more.
    Before his Downfall, Three will give way to Four.
    Four must give way to Five, who shall be of the Four Directions and the Fifth Element, and then shall come the Downfall.
    In those days, war will scour Cythera, and hope will wither in its blast.
    The Four Directions shall rise and fight against the Fifth Element.
    The Wandering Elder shall return from the forgotten past, bringing the end with him.
    He shall find the Opener of Ways and with it destroy the Four.
    The Elder shall rally the Broken of the Fifth against the Fallen of the Fifth as well as those of the Four Directions.
    At the last, he shall make war upon the Five, and the fate of Cythera will be sealed.
    Thus, shall pass the Downfall...

  • What could I write that's interesting and could cover up things...

    Oh, well, nevermind. Bump.

  • Quote

    What could I write that's interesting and could cover up things...

    I don't understand this part...


    Oh, well, nevermind. Bump

    Wow, it's nice to see that someone remembers this board exists. I actually had a general storyline for this one; I just haven't gotten around to doing anything with it. (I have a bit of difficulty writing long and/or detailed things.)

  • I'm awfully sorry to have to crush your dreams alive, but I wasn't interested in the least in your chronicle. It was to cover up some tracks. Your chron happened to be the top one.

  • You needn't be sorry; I lost interest in it myself. ;)

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