Cythera Chronicles: Finish Fight: Chapter 4

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    I won't know until after I write this whether the highway battle will extend into the next chapter or not, and I won't know until next week what to do with next chapter. Detharon and Tomsan are each extremely powerful, created to be servants of masters who (when I created them) were supposed to be strong enough to be the masters of beings like the Cosmic Daemon from the Coming of the Dragon—an old TS. In the story, the Daemon defeats Alaric but is defeated by the planeswalker DarkDragon. Since Detharon and Tomsan are supposed to be the strongest of the DK's and the Chimaera's forces, it follows that each of them is stronger than Alaric and is more on the order of Ur-Sylph or DarkDragon. Thus, the reason why neither of these characters will be appearing in Cythera—at least, not without their counter character who would basically cancel out most of the other's magic power, in which case it'd be the aid of the Cytheran group that would make the difference, much like Tomsan and Selax hope that Selax will be able to break the deadlock that might result from a struggle between Tomsan and Detharon. Again, random references to characters may be included. Actually, I think that this will shorter than I thought because such a battle would seriously disrupt traffic.

    5,000 years after the events of Cythera...

    Selax suddenly found himself in the path of a semi-truck (the side of which read Talryn's Stores). The driver honked his horn and slammed on his brakes, but Selax merely leapt over the truck and landed on top of it. At that moment, there was a tremendous crash in the adjacent lane. Looking over, Selax saw that Detharon had landed in front of a car as well and, instead of jumping out of its way, had thrown it aside into the one of the other lanes of traffic.

    Hmm, this could become quite nasty very quickly , Selax thought. Then, Detharon saw him. He roared and unleashed a blast of flame at the truck. The driver had almost stopped to avoid Selax, but when he had seen Detharon he'd slammed the accelerator. However, there was no way that he'd be able to dodge the fireball. Fortunately, Tomsan sprang out of wherever he had been and blocked it. He landed beside Selax on the truck.

    Detharon sneered and grabbed another car. Raising it above his head, he threw it at both of them. Tomsan teleported the occupants the car to safety and then knocked the car aside. Seeing the mass of cars that were desperately trying to find a way off of the road or out of his lane, Detharon calmly incinerated them, knowing that that action would infuriate Tomsan and hopefully cause him to make a mistake.

    Tomsan jumped down in front of Detharon and charged. Selax would've followed, but the truck driver suddenly took the truck down the side of the embankment (quite a few other cars were doing the same thing, Selax noted). He leapt back onto the road and found himself on top of a small car in the traffic that was moving away from the carnage. Looking back, he saw that Tomsan and Detharon had leapt over to the other side of the interstate and had begun to leap from car to car, ignoring the driver's frantic efforts to shake them off.

    Selax jumped back and found himself on top of a van in front of the truck that Tomsan stood on and across from the car with the partially-crushed roof that Detharon stood on. Detharon unleashed another magic burst which Tomsan again blocked. However, its brightness apparently momentarily blinded the driver of the truck that Tomsan stood on, and he swerved into the median.

    Detharon jumped at Selax...

    Selax dodged him and missed a slash at his face at he went past...

    Detharon sailed past Selax and into and through the sides of a truck, carrying packaged desserts and driving in the adjacent lane. Detharon turned around and landed on the suburban in front of Selax. Selax almost laughed at the sight of Detharon covered in chocolate and white frosting. However, Detharon flew up and landed on top of the van. He came down with such force that he broke the van into pieces, and Selax was forced to leap clear. Detharon straightened up. . .and got hit by a semi-truck. The collision destroyed the truck and sent Detharon flying.

    Tomsan landed behind Detharon and raised his sword...

    Detharon twisted around and managed to block...

    Selax flew over and landed next to Tomsan...

    Detharon leapt on top of another car, and the other two followed him.

    Now, the fight extended from the top of one car to the top of another. They'd fight on top of one car until it was destroyed or they'd stand on cars next to each other and fight until one of the cars changed speeds or swerved. This continued for several minutes

    Tomsan managed to kick Detharon through several cars behind them, but Detharon managed to regain his footing and throw one of the destroyed cars at Tomsan. Tomsan dodged and responded with a burst of his own magic. Detharon smiled and, instead of blocking it, deflected it into the other side of the interstate. Tomsan stood shocked for a moment and then leapt at Detharon. At the last moment, Detharon grabbed another of the ruined cars and smashed Tomsan with it, sending him flying. Before Detharon could take advantage, a car going the wrong way and missing its driver hit him head on. Of course, this was only a minor annoyance, but it still delayed him for a moment. He realized that Selax must have commandeered one of the many empty cars that now sat along the side of the road and must have sent it racing toward Detharon.

    Before Detharon could quite recover his balance, Selax dropped down in front of him and kicked him in the chin. Detharon staggered backward into an oncoming line of cars (the warning to avoid the interstate was only now starting to get broadcast on the radios). Several of them broke when they hit him, and he incinerated many other around him. For a moment, Detharon stood facing Selax down an empty lane, except for the parts of ruined cars. Then, Tomsan reappeared and charged at Detharon's side, sending them both into the back of yet another semi. Selax followed them in.

    The trailer began to rock back-and-forth. Claws and swords began to slash holes in the sides, top, bottom of the trailer. The driver actually leapt out, rather than take the time to stop the car. Flashes of odd colors were visible in the holes in the trailer. Abruptly, it broke to pieces and Detharon went sailing backward. He regained his balance and charged back with a yell. Tomsan ran to meet him, but Selax stopped. An idea had just come to him—an idea that had to with an empty semi that he could see sitting some distance down the road. He signaled to Tomsan his intentions and skirted the edge of the struggle between the other two until he reached the truck.

    In the distance, he could hear sirens. He'd have to act quickly. He climbed into the driver's seat and discovered the driver had even left his keys in the ignition. How obliging , he thought. Then, he started the truck and began to get up to speed. Fortunately, he was behind Detharon and was certain that Tomsan would guess his intent and act accordingly. He knew Detharon could tell that a threat was approaching from behind him, but with Tomsan distracting him he'd be unable to guess the kind of threat and would figure that it was merely Selax again.

    Selax got the truck up to speed and signaled to Tomsan again. Then, he jumped out the truck and began to fly up as fast he could. Tomsan managed to knock Detharon back toward the truck, and he too leapt into the air. Detharon, momentarily puzzled, quickly took advantage (or so he thought), turned, and unleashed a fire bolt at Selax (or so he thought). He realized his error in less than a second, but it was too late.

    The semi-truck, full of gasoline, exploded in his face.

  • Selax: good job on this next chapter. Perhaps for the next installment, you could include a breif synopsis of why Tomsan and Selax are fighting Detharon? For people such as myself, who were largely absent at that time in board history, this fight is fun to read about, but somewhat confusing.

  • Since I want this chronicle to last about as long as the TS, I have considered starting another and working on it for a week or two (or so).


    Selax: good job on this next chapter. Perhaps for the next installment, you could include a breif synopsis of why Tomsan and Selax are fighting Detharon? For people such as myself, who were largely absent at that time in board history, this fight is fun to read about, but somewhat confusing.

    Thanks, dusk.

    As for a brief synopsis, it might be tied up in the other chronicle that I have considered writing. Actually, there are a couple of pieces on the boards that deal with their first fight with Detharon (one is in the chrons and the other is in the Tavern). I can post links to them if you wish or just compile them and post them in some way. (It deals with the DK/Chimaera continuity that I have set up; I can include links to the pertinent chrons if you wish.) Maybe I should add to their character info...

    A basic summary might run as follows:

    Almost since the beginning of time, the Death King has waged war against the Chimaera. For the most of the war, Detharon, the leader of the Chimaera's personal guard, and his second-in-command Tomsan led their armies. Selax drifted in and out of this war, sometimes fighting in it (even he though he sometimes wasn't certain that he was in this war and not a separate conflict) and sometimes not. Over this period, he became good friends with Tomsan and Detharon. However, the DK began a plan about midway through the way to slowly corrupt several of the Chimaera's greatest servants (be they single people or entire races). Detharon was ultimately corrupted and was used by the DK to corrupt several other important Chimaera servants. Selax and Tomsan encountered him while he was engaged in this task, and he attempted to kill them both. Although Detharon was more powerful than the two of them at this point, he was almost killed because of his arrogance and only saved by the DK. Now, he's being given a last chance to finish them.

    (What follows may not really be necessary to read, but you can if you want.)
    The DK was ultimately able to defeat the Chimaera, and it seemed that he had won the war and all realities were doomed. However, he later met defeat in Cythera and his armies fragmented, falling into civil war. With the aid of many agents (including Selax at times), the Chimaera was able to rebuild its army. Before they could destroy the DK's army, he escaped his prison and returned to the Void to renew the war (the period between the defeat of the Chimaera and the DK's return is seen as an intermission in the war). Furious with Detharon's failure to control his army, the DK has given Detharon one last chance to prove his worth.

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