Cythera Chronicles: Finish Fight: Chapter 5

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    I'm back! I don't know how long or good this next installment will be, but I suppose that I'll see how it goes. Again, random references to characters may be included.

    5,000 years after Cythera...

    Selax landed on the side of the interstate, a good distance from the explosion. (This was the side opposite from where he had first entered the interstate, although it too had an embankment at its side.) A pillar of smoke climbed slowly upward obscuring his view of the area, and it was still too hot for him to approach. However, he was completely certain that Detharon had survived, but Selax hoped that the blast had at least weakened him enough for Selax and Tomsan to at last gain an advantage.

    Tomsan landed beside him, nodded, and pointed at the smoke column.

    "He's still in there, and he's not happy," he said.

    "Hardly surprising," Selax replied.

    Abruptly, they heard the sounds of sirens and, turning as one, saw that police cars had come up behind them (and were probably on the other side of the explosion as well). Policemen jumped out of their cars and leveled their guns at them.

    "Freeze!" one of them shouted. Selax looked at Tomsan. Tomsan shrugged and waved his hand—all of the policemen slumped over, asleep.

    Suddenly, there came the sound of multiple blasts from the other side of the smoke; Detharon had obviously just dealt with whomever had come up on his side.

    This belief was confirmed a moment later when two police cars came flying through the smoke at Selax and Tomsan. Tomsan calmly knocked the empty cars aside. Then, he and Selax both dove out from under Detharon as he dropped down from above them. Each of them landed on his feet and turned to face Detharon, who was now in between them.

    Plainly, he had managed to erect a magical shield to protect himself from the worst of the blast, but the explosion had definitely not done him any good. He looked much the same, except for the fact that he was smoking and that his armor-like hide and white hair were singed black in places. Detharon snarled.

    "You little, impudent—"

    He got no further because Tomsan, hoping that Detharon's efforts to protect himself with his shield had weakened him, unleashed another burst of magic at him. Detharon blocked but not as strongly as before. He spun to the side and brought up his talon just in time to stop Selax from running him through. Selax kicked out with both feet and struck Detharon in the chest, causing him to stagger back toward Tomsan.

    Tomsan charged at Detharon's open back...

    Detharon, however, regained his footing and spun at Tomsan, backhanding him viciously and sending him tumbling down the side of the road...

    He completed his turn to face Selax but was lifted off of his feet when the elemental struck him and was sent tumbling down the embankment after Tomsan...

    Selax was on Detharon before he could stand, raining blows on down on him...

    Tomsan righted himself and charged...

    Detharon, realizing his precarious position, teleported himself to a standing position behind Tomsan and charged...

    Tomsan jumped over Selax who whipped his sword into Detharon's path...

    Detharon knocked the sword aside, sending Selax tumbling...

    Tomsan almost came down on Detharon's back, but Detharon jumped clear...

    Selax and Tomsan both stood and turned to face Detharon. They had come clear down the embankment and now stood in a level stretch of ground that separated the embankment from the backs of a row of small buildings—most likely shops. These stood on Selax's right and the embankment lay on his left. For a momnt, they all three stood staring at each other. Then, they charged as one.

    Detharon was indeed in a fury, moving so fast that it almost seemed that there were two of him, but Selax and Tomsan still hoped that he had begun to weaken. They too attacked at a furious speed. Sparks flew from multiple contacts of metal on metal, as again and again Selax and Tomsan began to press Detharon back along the empty space. Detharon, however, was not worried; he was much too furious to be worried yet.

    There were sirens above them and to their right beyond the shops, as emergency personnel both raced to clean up the interstate and to find those responsible for the mess. Of course, someone had noticed them, but the policemen were wary of attempting to take them until their military backup arrived. This gave the three combatants a few minutes of undisturbed combat.

    Detharon snarled and darted sideways into one of the shops, from inside came screams as Detharon disposed of everyone who had still been inside the shop.; Selax and Tomsan followed him. It was a small connivence store, with a variety of small goods and no really heavy objects to throw about. Selax and Tomsan both flew at Detharon, and, within moments, everything within the store had been slashed to pieces, including the walls, the aisles, the floor, and the ceiling.

    Tomsan charged Detharon and struck him hard. They both flew out of the window and into the street outside. The street was full of emergency vehicles trying to reach the carnage on the interstate above and to clear the streets. When Tomsan and Detharon appeared, someone screamed and multiple guns opened up on them. Before Tomsan could stop him, Detharon sent a bolt of fire into the street, effectively clearing it.

    Enraged, Tomsan attacked Detharon and began again to force him back. Detharon tried to use Tomsan's anger against him to find a weakness in his technique, but, before he could succeed, Selax reappeared behind him and charged at his back. Detharon found himself caught once again between the two of them. Furious about this turn of events, Detharon again was able to increase his speed enough to block both of this foes at the same time.

    Suddenly, an idea came to Tomsan and he seized on it. Using his telekinesis, he began to grab the heaviest objects that he could think of and throw them at Detharon's sides. Detharon was buffeted by the impacts and staggered enough that Tomsan succeeded in scoring a shallow cut on the side of his face. Detharon bellowed in fury and knocked both of his opponents aside. He looked around, seeking for more advantageous terrain. His eye caught an opening in the ground where workmen had been working on the city's sewers. The close confines would help remove his opponents' advantages.

    Detharon dove down the opening into the sewers. Selax and Tomsan were right behind him.

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