Cythera Chronicles: Finish Fight: Chapter 6

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    This is probably going to be a fairly short chapter. The first part of it is just the response of the Cytheran police based on the odd nature of the reports that they are receiving.

    5,000 years after Cythera...

    It was anything but a normal day in Cythera.

    First, the police and the news stations had received odd reports of two or three things , as most callers called them, attacking each other in midair near the headquarters of The Alraeician Tavern, Inc..

    Next, there had been an automated alarm signal from the headquarters reporting a break-in on a most unlikely floor. Since there had been a large number of these false alarms recently, it was ignored.

    Then, the police had received odd reports from the security forces of that building reporting "something strange going on up there."

    Next, frantic reports had come in from multiple people reporting "monsters" fighting on the first floor of the building. Amidst this chaos, someone reported in a grief-stricken tone that they had had collapsed the original Alraeician Tavern.

    Reports started to come in from the interstate that the creatures had moved their fight there. The police in Cademia had something of a slow response time because of the low crime rate in the city. In this case, everything was also so unusual and happening so quickly that they didn't know quite what to do. Finally, however, they had caught up to the combatants on the interstate, just in time to witness the violent explosion of the gasoline truck.

    A news helicopter caught the police's attempt to apprehend the combatants and their subsequent deaths at the hands of one of them. At that point, they decided to keep an eye on the creatures and to wait for military backup.

    It was reported that the fighters had entered the city sewers after fighting their along behind a line of stores. At this time, the police were trying to clear the area and the street in front of the stores, while the firefighters and medical personnel were trying to reach the interstate.

    The street was still somewhat crowded when the ground underneath it shook faintly. For a moment, everyone stopped and stared at each other. Then, they resumed frantically to get out of the street.

    The ground shook again and then once more. This last time a crack formed in the pavement from something hitting underneath.

    A manhole cover jarred loose and someone came flying out of it. Selax succeeded in righting himself and in diving back down into the sewers before the startled police could react.

    Then, the pavement exploded upward, large chunks flying everywhere as Detharon was knocked out of the sewers. He landed on his feet and sneered at the frightened crowd that was fleeing every which way. Fortunately for the people, before Detharon could do anything, Tomsan emerged from the hole in the ground and leapt on Detharon. For a moment, the two stood exchanging blows and wisely no one shot at them.

    Then, Selax emerged from the ground and joined the fight. Detharon knocked out the window of one of the buildings opposite the line of stores. He jumped back into the building with Selax and Tomsan right behind him.

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