Cythera Chronicles: Finish Fight: Chapter 7

  • Conclusion and Last Chapter

    All in all, I don't know how long this chapter will be. I'm going to try to finish the chron, but I don't feel like adding a lot of detail right now. All the same, I hope that I shall conclude this in a believable and satisfactory manner. The Tempus stone referenced here was used in the Search for the Thieves Cavern TS and cache22's New Horizon chronicles.

    5,000 years after Cythera...

    At this point, the fight was rather rudely interrupted.

    "This is the Cytheran military. Cease your combat and surrender at once," a booming voice echoed from outside.

    Detharon laughed and charged forward unexpectedly, sending Tomsan flying back out into the street. Instantly, Tomsan found himself surrounded and forced to put everybody in the nearby vicinity asleep to keep them from interfering.

    Detharon redirected his attention to Selax and received a hard kick in the face, although he blocked Selax's swords. He flew through the back wall...

    Tomsan leapt up and charged through the hole in the wall with Selax at his side. Both stopped for a moment when they realized just what kind of building they had entered.

    Not another chemical factory , Selax sighed to himself. The last time they had ended up in one of these places had been most unpleasant. He looked at Tomsan. Tomsan shrugged.

    "That wasn't my fault, you know," he said. Selax stared at him for a moment, shook his head, and headed deeper into the factory.

    There was thump behind them and the walkway they were on creaked. They spun, and Detharon stood behind them. For a moment, none of them moved or spoke. Somehow each of them knew that it was in this factory that it would at last end. What had started as a friendship among the three and had turned into a nightmare when one betrayed everything he had stood for would at last, after more years than can here be written, be over. Ancient friends turned worst enemies would finally settle their quarrel—on the small world of Cythera 5,000 years after Bellerophon had come and gone.

    Detharon extended his talons and roared forward...

    Selax and Tomsan set to meet him...

    The three met with a thunderous crash and multiple collisions of metal on metal. The walkway gave way, but all flew in the air again, darting around in the vast emptiness of the factory's interior. The lighting was dim, almost dimmer than the spectacular display of spark created by the combat. Detharon and Tomsan flung great bolts of all kinds of magic at each other. These bolts succeeded in somehow igniting all the chemicals in the factory, so that it almost seemed that they were fighting in the middle of the inferno that raged always in the heart of Lands End Volcano. None of them had held back at any point in the fight before, but now all redoubled their efforts, putting everything they could into the fight once more.

    Selax hammered at Detharon's right, while Tomsan battered at his left. Detharon essentially had five swords attached to each of his hands, and this, combined with his rage, enabled him to somehow match both of his opponents. When they had last fought, sometime before the making of the reality of Cythera itself, Detharon had been at his height in magic, greater than Tomsan. Now, however, Tomsan had been advanced by his masters so that he equaled Detharon, a fact which meant Detharon had no certain win-all card. He had to rely on his skill and cunning to win; Detharon was certain that it would be enough. Selax and Tomsan, on the other hand, were certain that they would win, and it was just a question of how long it would take to do so. Back and forth, the combatants moved. Their fight extended to every corner of the building, but the factory was well made. The walls and ceiling still stood, containing the fury within.

    Then, in the midst of it all, things began to change; the fight had been going for hours since it had started, and, although it had raged ten days last, it could not continue long. Detharon had been earlier weakened by being caught in the semi-truck explosion and had been cut along his face by Tomsan. These weaknesses now came into play, and Selax scored a slash along the back of Detharon's hand. Selax and Tomsan backed him up and Tomsan cut his leg.

    Detharon began to worry. He was starting to realize that he couldn't take Selax and Tomsan at the same time in a direct assault, not any more. But he couldn't retreat because his master would slay him if he did so. Perhaps, however, he could escape from the fight, rest and recover, and then renew it in a way more advantageous to himself...

    Tomsan and Selax caught the change in his thinking but couldn't figure out what his new plan was. Abruptly, Detharon teleported himself again, this time to the hole in the wall by which they had first entered the factory. (With Tomsan so close and blunting his power, he couldn't get far enough way to escape by teleportation.) Detharon hurled a bolt of magic at Tomsan, distracting him for a moment. Confident that Selax was too far to be a threat, Detharon quickly opened a portal and was about to step through...

    Selax, knowing that Detharon would easily be able to avoid his swords, grabbed the a can of chemicals that had been left sitting around for some reason and threw at Detharon. Detharon saw it coming, laughed, and raised a slight shield just in case, basically ignoring it since he was confident that it was no threat to him. (Detharon had once been a member of the Chimaera's guard, a warrior designed for combat. Thus, he and his ilk were mostly immune to almost any form of just ordinary chemical damage.)

    The can hit the shield, broke, but the liquid inside penetrated. What happened was really quite shocking.

    Detharon screamed and began pawing at his eyes, as if something burned them. All of this had happened in seconds, so Tomsan had only just recovered. He and Selax were both too far away to take immediate advantage...or so it seemed.

    Selax played his last card and threw his sword. Detharon was covered with hard armor, and Selax could think of very few places where his sword might penetrate.

    His thrown sword hit one of those places, going through Detharon's eye, as his strike so many ages ago had been intended to.

    Although the wound wasn't fatal to one of his kind, Detharon screamed and began to fall back into his portal...

    Tomsan threw his own sword...

    It arced through the air and went through Detharon's neck...

    Then, there was a terrible explosion.

    Moments later, Selax stood in the midst of the explosion, protected by Tomsan's magical shield and bothered by a stray thought. What chemical had he hit Detharon with? Searching around, he found part of the remains of the can. He shook his head: what he had picked up hadn't even been a chemical. Someone had carelessly left his drink back in the factory. The label read: Slayer's Lemonade. Selax had also found something else—a small crystal fragment where Detharon had been standing. This was most likely how Detharon had time-traveled.

    Selax turned back to Tomsan, only to find his old friend on his knees crying. Detharon had been Tomsan's leader and friend almost since the beginning of time right down to Detharon's betrayal. It spoke much of Tomsan that he had been able to fight with this friend back then, still shocked by his treachery. Selax himself had not known Detharon as long and had always been closer to Tomsan, and he had done any mourning over Detharon that he felt like doing long ago. Tomsan, however, plainly had not. Knowing him, Selax was confident that he would get over it.

    After a few moments, Selax approached him and put a hand on his shoulder.

    "Tell your masters where he fell," he told Tomsan. Selax handed the remains of the can and the crystal to him.

    Tomsan nodded and got to his feet. He took the crystal and carefully examined it.

    "This is a fragment of the Tempus Stone!" he noted with surprise.

    "Really?" Selax stated, eyeing the crystal with new interest. The Tempus Stone had been well-known before it was shattered and had been said to have something to do with time—a subject that admittedly was of little interest to immortal beings. If the Death King had started to take an interest in it, things could get quite nasty.

    "I think that I might be able to use this to take these events out of phase. It's a bit complex, but basically everything that happened would still happen but no collateral damage would occur. Detharon, at least, would still be gone. I'll just open a portal back to our own time. When we step through, everything should be fixed, but I think that this crystal fragment will be burnt out completely."

    Selax nodded.

    Tomsan, after some moments, opened up the portal back to the past. Both old friends stepped through it and it closed after them.

    people looked around in confusion. They could remember what had happened but could see no damage. It would be weeks before it was all sorted out.


  • applause Here's to an excellent Chronicle! clink
    I loved the factory scene, all the chemicals burning (in their signature colors) was incredible. A classic last scene for an epic battle.

    ok, done raving, I liked it lots!

  • Thanks, it is very good to know that someone read this and better to hear that they liked it.

  • I finally got around to reading it, been very busy. Overall I liked it. My one wondering is the whole time thing: how it happened, yet didn't, but at the same time did. But time-travel is really too complex for me to be critical over, so I'll end saying this was one of the better, if not the best, installment in the series.

  • Where is the first part of the Chronicle, if you don't mind me asking?
    perople say the Chrons are dead, but the ~90views say otherwise.

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  • To see the other parts of this chron, go to "From: x days" button at the bottom of the pages, click on it, and set it to however many days back you would like to view.

    Personally, when I say the chrons are mostly dead what I mean is that almost no one writes any anymore or makes comments on the ones written.

  • The end's great! Now I need to read the start.

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