• I've beaten the game, done all the extras that I know of (tyrant's tomb, cloak of Heracles, magic armor, magic helm, magic spear, sword of heroes etc...). As far as I know I've done all that is to be done.

    However... Anyone ever met a person from House Dodona? I have yet to meet someone from that house. The innkeeper in Catamarca has the key to the small Dodona house in Cademia, but beyond that I'm at a dead end. Also, does anyone know why Blacksmith Milcom in Odemia, the former head of House Atussa, refuses to talk about Dodona, not wanting to bring up bad memories of the past.

    Various quotes about Dodona:
    "Honorable though pedestrian"
    "Has a minor holding in Catamarca"
    "House Dodona happens to run the finest inns in all Cythera."
    "With the support of House Strymon and House Dodona (Attis) is still the strongest House in Cademia."

    That's all my research, can anyone help?


  • I've wondered about them as well. I don't really have an answer, but Slayer's site has a "guide to Cythera's people" section that mentions several people who are members of the Dodona family as well as some very humorous commentary about the Dodona family tree! They all just seem to run inns and restaurants. Maybe they are the Cythera mafia!


  • Yeah, it's weird. You think they would have plugged up some plot holes like that... not to mention the wine contract, Larissa, etc...

    Oh well.


  • There were quite a few dangling plot threads at the end of this game. Which bugged me as well. I don't think that should be done even as a teaser for the next game. But I've heard that there isn't going to be a next least there's none in the works at this time. So it's even worse.


  • We've all beaten the game here, right? If you haven't, don't read below.

    And what's up with Omen at the end? "You killed my master, but I'll be back!!" C'mon, we'd really like something more filling for our plots. DelverEd is really needed... perhaps some guy could make one, just like EVed was made by Escape Velocity players.


  • Havn't you guys read Andreas's interview in the Ambrosia Times a long time ago. He said that there most likely would be a sequel. He also said that it would be hard for any average schmo to try to make a Delver add-on, evan with and editor, not to mention making a Delver editor would be almost as much of a pain as rewriting the whole engine :eek:

    Happiness is finding your mother-in-law's picture on the back of a milk carton...


    but yeah, I felt a bit let-down at the end of the game - I was expecting a bit more chat & explanations, tying up of loose ends, and possibly a few parties etc, not just to be shoved off back to earth again. I think I even preferred the "evil alaric" version of the ending for dramatic value.


  • (Back on topic?) All of the innkeepers are "House Dodona" - if you enquire as to the innkeepers of other cities - they tell you so and so is their cousin. Prolific family, I guess.


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