Cythera Chronicles: Twisted Perceptions

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    Just outside of Odemia, in a small, secluded campsite, two men sat around a fire and talked in low voices. Each of them wore a black cloak pulled tight against the cold wind. For a moment, as one of them shifted to better keep out of the breeze, the inside of his right wrist was exposed, and the tatoo of a cresent moon bisected by a sword was revealed. Quickly, the man covered it up. After all, just one month ago, it had been revealed that members of some group bearing this mark had been involved in some unsavory activities (such as the kidnapping of the Ronin Flynn) around Cythera, and, although no one else seemed to be around, it would not due to take any chances. Their organization was currently lying low to avoid detection; a variety of plans had been suggested about what to do next, with some even suggesting that disturbing the balance of the elements in Cythera might be best. But neither of these two men were discussing any new plans; they were instead considering if it might be possible to regain something valuable lost in their encounter with the Ronin and their friends.

    "Are you certain of this?" one of them said at last. "It was reported that the book was destroyed."

    "And so it was," the other paused a moment before continuing, "but the book is bound to its master and as long as he survives so does it. Granted, it must be restored after being destroyed, but such must be possible, since Tava—"

    "Don't say that name!" the first speaker hissed. "It is not safe to say that name anywhere in this world!"

    "Whatever! It is not as if the elements or Alaric has ears everywhere, is it? Next, I suppose you'll say that Sacas is aware of our presence here and is coming to capture us!" the second man angrily responded. "Anyway, it matters not! The only important point is that the book can be recovered!"

    Both men fell silent for a few moments. Then, the first spoke again.

    "I suppose it might be feasible. We'd have to get men from Arctus and to get his permission for the operation..."

    Some days later, three warriors and one mage worked their way through the jungle toward a clearing near the encampment where Flynn had been held prisoner. It was in this clearing that the book to which the men had referred—the Journal of Tavara—had been destroyed; it was hoped that although the Journal had been reduced to ashes the mage would be able to restore it with the proper techniques. The three warriors were veterans, survivors of the clash with the Ronin and highly-skilled. Earlier, one of them had slipped into the area around the encampment and found no one. Now, cautiously confident that the area was empty for now, the rest of the party was approaching the outskirts of the clearing. Here, they found a nasty surprise.

    A man was kneeling in the clearing. He had white hair and was dressed as a mage, save that his robe was black and was very similar to a cloak. More importantly, he was bent over something on the ground and was gingerly picking it up. It was the Journal of Tavara.

    The lead warrior's face hardened: the man was obviously some kind of mage, possibly of the dark variety, and had restored the book himself. They would have to kill him to take it from him. With a nod from their leader, the three warriors spread out, intending to come at their victim from all sides. The mage stayed behind the leader, ready to start casting his spells. The leader smiled and stepped forward...

    Suddenly, something large and heavy dropped out of one the trees on top of the mage. The lead warrior spun and watched in shock as the thing broke the screaming mage's neck before he could finish casting the spell that he had been casting. It was a golem, obviously belonging to the mage. Aware that their plan had fallen apart but having little choice in the matter, the leader roared and charged it. Behind him, the other two warriors took this as the signal to attack and charged at the man in the clearing...

    The lead warrior was good and was on the golem before it could turn to face him. After a quick fight, he had destroyed it. Then, he spun back to prepare to aid the other two if necessary—only to take a bolt of lightning in the chest. It sent him flying into the tree behind him with enough force that most of his bones broke. Through blurry eyes, he saw the black-cloaked man walking toward him and carrying Tavara's Journal under one of his arms. Behind him, the other two warriors lay dead in the clearing. The mage walked up to the warrior, stopped, and bent down to look at him.

    "Came for the book, hmm?" The mage shook his head and smiled. "That was stupid—what right do you have to the Journal of Tavara? None! You have none, nor do the heroes of this land. No one does—except me and Tavara himself. Tavara would tell you he has the greater claim, but, since he trained me and never leaves his strongholds, I say the book is mine. It belongs to Lord Rapierian and none other! And mine it is, at last!"

    With that, the man—obviously Rapierian himself—threw back his head and laughed. Then, he bent over the helpless warrior again.

    "But enough of that. I want to know who sent you here, and, although you may try to kill yourself and perhaps succeed, I will know someday. Do you know what happened to your two partners? They died of fear (so wonderfully entertaining that always is!), and so perhaps will you..."

    With that, he put his hands on either side of the wounded man's head and began to laugh insanely...

    The events of the chronicle series 'Dark Legacy' are heavily referenced in this story.

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  • Riveting!!!

    I was disappointed when the end came so soon.

  • Thank you, Jehezekel; it's nice to know that some people still read the chronicles.

  • unfortunately there's 'never' a new chron. I think most people prefer the interaction of the Tavern and TS's. As for me, I can stand to watch paint dry. :D

  • that was great... It has inspired me to write up the 'chron' history of Talryn which i promised by the 25..

  • Again, thank you all for your kind words.

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