Cythera Chronicles: Tales of Bellerophon

  • The Second Stronghold

    This just a little story on what journeying through Cythera might have been like for Bellerophon. There might be others if people like this one (or even notice it) >

    After clearing out the First Stronghold and on the way to the Second Stronghold...

    Bellerophon, Timon, Meleager, Aethon, and Hector trudged through the forest. Each was lost in his thoughts.
    Bellerophon was wondering why on earth Alaric had summoned him to such a sunny place but had not let bring sun block along. I am going to look like a bright red prune at this rate, he thought miserably.
    Timon was wondering why all that he had ever done with his life was pace back and forth in front of the same wall for years.
    Meleager was busy trying to figure out he could kill Aethon without getting caught.
    Aethon was busy trying to figure out he could kill Meleager without getting noticed.
    Hector was wishing desperately for a fight with anybody. For that matter, he was willing to fight himself just so long as he got to fight.
    At length, Aethon broke the silence.

    "Are we there, yet?" he asked Bellerophon. Bellerophon stopped and slowly turned to look at him.

    "We get there we get there!" Bellerophon yelled. His already red face turned even redder. (He was mildly annoyed because Aethon tended to ask that same question every five minutes.)

    "That brings up another question," Aethon continued thoughtfully (seemingly oblivious to the fact that the veins in Bellerophon's neck were starting to throb), "Where is there?"

    Bellerophon snapped. With a roar of fury, he charged Aethon, knocking him to the ground. While the two wrestled, the other three watched with interest.

    "Do you think we should do something?" Timon asked, turning to Hector.

    Hector (still desparately wishing for a fight) nodded slowly. Timon, taking this confirmation of his question, stepped forward. Hector pounced on him the moment his back was turned, causing them both to fall to the ground. Meleager just stood there. (He was really waiting for a chance to knife Aethon.) Before that chance manifested, the other four stopped fighting all at once. (The reason was that somebody playing Cythera somewhere had sent them on their way by clicking the mouse.)

    One Hour later...

    "OUCH!" Bellerophon screamed as he walked into a metal door. The others promptly plowed into him, knocking him onto the door again. Stepping back, he rubbed his face. Fine place for a door. A magically locked door at that, he thought again feeling sorry for himself. He turned to the others.

    "What do you think?" he asked.

    "Looks like a door," Aethon said, after thinking for a moment.

    "A metal door," added Hector.

    "A locked, metal door," Meleager put in.

    "A magically locked, metal door," said Timon (who prided on anything involving magic).

    After a moment of staring at them, Bellerophon turned back to the door and began banging his head on it in frustration.

    "I don't think that that will open it, boss." Meleager announced after about five minutes. Too late as it turned out. Bellerophon fell to the ground, completely unconscious.

    "How should we open it?" Hector asked Timon.

    "Simple," Timon continued, "we use your head. It's much harder than his."

    Before Hector could say anything, the others (those that were awake) picked him up and rushed at the door, obviously intending to use him as a battering ram.

    "But I don't want to use my head!" wailed Hector.

    However, it turned out that Timon was right. When Hector's head hit the door, the door shattered, breaking into tons of little metal pieces. Unfortunately, Hector was also rendered unconscious. At this moment, two of the dreaded Scylla attacked them.

    "Options?" Timon asked nervously.

    "We could tap dance," the other two responded.


    "We could sing."


    "We could tell them that Scylla is a rare delicacy and hope they eat each other."

    "What sort of option is that?" Timon howled. "What are the odds that they'd..."

    At that moment, the two Scylla (having heard that Scylla was a rare delicacy) attacked and ate each other.

    "Never mind," sighed Timon dramatically.

    After Bellerophon and Hector woke up, the group began their trek across small islands to reach the other door.

    "What is so important here anyway?" Hector said to no one in particular.

    "Well, most people think that a Tavara is here," Bellerophon responded after a moment.

    Timon gasped.
    "TAVARA?! He is the lich that killed my father! At Last! I will have my REVENGE!"

    The others looked at Timon for a few seconds, wondering why his eyes had turned yellow. After a moment, they shrugged and went on. At last they reached the door.

    "Watch!" Bellerophon exclaimed. "I can open this one."
    He stepped forward and waved his hand.


    Nothing happened.


    Nothing happened.


    Nothing happened.

    Timon leaned toward Bellerophon.

    "Are you trying to say 'Fetch'?"

    The door disappeared.

    Bellerophon glared at Timon and the group went in. Instantly, they were mobbed by undead. The undead were really just a minor nuisance. (Mainly because they just walked around the walls and only occasionally tried to attack.) Most of them were too bored to make the attempt. Many heroes had been there, had killed all the undead, and the undead had just come back. They no longer tried to really fight because they saw no point. So after a pretty boring fight (or "epic battle" as Hector called it) the group reached the other door. Bellerophon groaned when he saw it.

    "Another door?! Who is this guy? Bill Gates?!"

    The others just stared at him and shook their heads. Thinking to try something new to open the door, Meleager stepped forward and knocked. After a moment, the door opened and a big, red daemon thrust his head out.

    "Yes?" he inquired politely.

    "We are..."

    "Oh, another group of heroes come to kill us. I see. Do you have an apointment?"

    "An appointment?" Bellerophon asked cautiously.

    "Yes, you see, we've gotten tired of getting killed all the time. So from now on, no one can kill us without an appointment. Do you have one?"

    The five people looked at each other.

    "Let's get 'em," Hector bellowed.

    Five minutes later, the daemons were all dead.

    The group proceeded cautiously until they found...another door. Bellerophon, by now infuriated, ripped the door off of its hinges and threw it in, crushing the two golems in the room. They stepped in and they saw...Tavara!
    Before anyone could stop him, Timon leapt forward and yelled.

    "Hello! I am Timon Montaya. You killed my father! Prepare to die!"

    Tavara knocked him aside negligently and flattened the rest of the group, by throwing Sapphire Books of Wisdom at them. He turned again to Timon, who spoke yet again.

    "I have failed you, father," he whimpered. Tavara laughed.

    "Lindus never told you what happened to your father," he said in his most menacing manner.

    "He told me enough! He told me you killed him!" Timon yelled in fury.

    "No... I am your father."

    Timon was stunned for a moment. Then, his eyes turned yellow again.

    "NO! NO! You will die!"

    With that, he pointed his hands toward Tavara and...nothing happened. Tavara laughed and stepped forward again, but at that moment Bellerophon leapt up behind him and killed him. Now, Bellerophon was laughing. He scooped up the blue crystal ball.

    "POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!" he said before turning and running off.

  • I'm surprised that nobody's commented on this one, but I just had to say something about it once I stopped laughing my head off. It's brilliant, and the 'in-jokes' referencing 'The Princess Bride' and 'The Empire Strikes Back' were simply priceless. :D

  • I loved it!

    Now I have to go back and see if I missed anything else while I was at school!

  • Thank you, I really appreciate the compliments. To be honest, I don't find what I write very funny when I write it (although I must admit to being amused when I read back through it), so it's nice to know that others do. I'm almost tempted to do another one or start work on something else that had occurred to me.

  • Hehe! Timon is sooo funny! I can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said. Except, is it just me, or do I feel a bit of Star Wars in there? Whatever it is, it's good! Why is everyone here except me good at writing?

  • Because they've been doing it for a couple more years.

    Keep at it and soon you'll be better than most!

  • @crazychick_bot, on Jan 2 2007, 07:29 PM, said in Cythera Chronicles: Tales of Bellerophon:

    Hehe! Timon is sooo funny! I can't think of anything to say that hasn't already been said. Except, is it just me, or do I feel a bit of Star Wars in there? Whatever it is, it's good! Why is everyone here except me good at writing?

    Thank you for the compliments.

    Yes, you do a feel a bit of Star Wars in there (note: I'm not really so much a fan of Star Wars as I am a fan of the Emperor—I tend to cheer for the villain in quite some movies ;) ). There also should be a line from the "Incredibles" but I left out a word on accident.
    ("We get there we get there!" should be "We get there when we get there!") There also appears to be a reference to a Garfield comic (the daemon asking for an appointment to be killed) and, of course, the "Princess Bride." There may be others that I have forgotten or missed.

  • @crazychick_bot, on Jan 3 2007, 02:29 PM, said in Cythera Chronicles: Tales of Bellerophon:

    Why is everyone here except me good at writing?

    It pretty much comes down to two things: practice, and talent. From what I've seen I think you have the talent, you just need more practice.

    @selax_bot, on Jan 3 2007, 05:38 PM, said in Cythera Chronicles: Tales of Bellerophon:

    There also should be a line from the "Incredibles" but I left out a word on accident.
    ("We get there we get there!" should be "We get there when we get there!")

    I did get that one, in fact my brain must have filled in the missing word, because I don't remember the erroneous version. It's just that I know the 'Incredibles' one was itself a reference to another film, but I don't know what film that was.

  • I read it as "We get there we get there!", then thought, "Hang on, that isn't right!", went back and checked, and saw it was. It makes sense if you put the comma in - "We get there , we get there!". At least, I think it does.

    And everybody, I will practise my writing skills until I can write better than Terry Pratchett (who is my writing role model).

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