• I've scoured Eidoneus' caves and I can't find him - where's he hiding? Do I have to do something special to make him come out?

  • Go northwest from where you enter - you'll find a rope leading down an abyss (or crevice, or something). Well, it's a black hole in the ground.

  • Sorry, that wasn't very clear was it? I didn't mean I couldn't find Eidoneus, I meant I couldn't find Ignae, who is also supposed to reside in that cave.

  • You must walk into the fire. Your window has to be at maximum size. And he blends in kind of well with the lava he's standing in.

  • Better get those gator boots then!

  • Who is Ignae?

  • OK... I am having the same problem. What am I doing wrong? I have the gaitor boots, I have expanded my window to max size, and I have looked everywhere in Eioneus' caves - both in the abyss (down the rope) and down the hole to the south-east. I can't find him! I can get Magpie to talk about him ("That Ignae - he's a sly one!") but that is all. Do I have to check at some particular time of the day or nite (does he go away to sleep?). If there is some other hint someone can give me great, otherwise I am LOOKING FOR A SPOIKER as I have spent over an hour real time looking for this guy.

    Oh, for whoever was asking Ignae is the fire elemental.

  • SPOILER - To find Ignae - go down the rope (north part of the cave) and head towards Eioneus.. first head south until you're about halfway to his living area - then turn into the side cave (east)... it looks like a large lava bed. You can't cross it (even with the boots) but if you stand on the edge and open your window as big as it can get - you'll see a yellow hooded figure way at the back of the cave... you can talk to him from a distance - it didn't give me all that much new info - but I was glad to have finally found him...

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  • How the H*ll do you maximize you window, d@mnit!

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  • You see the bottom right box in the window. then, you click and hold on it, then you scroll diagonally to the bottom right.
    Also, the fire guy is at the bottom of the lava (south), and he means the lava in the middle of the area, just above those rocks that make up the cave wall.

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  • Does Ignae do anything useful for you?
    Any information or quest?
    And Howcome noone knows the name sylph?
    I've been wondering that for a very long time now.

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