Order of the Hunt

  • 'Prolouge' of Talryn's Quest

    OOC: After seeking some advice, it was stated that this was probably better off in the chrons as it is the kick off for it. Yes the names are soo creative...and some parts seem cheesy. And yes this was inspired partly by the STS, Talryn's homeworld is the world that I made in that. Some changes have been made though. BIC:

    Talryn had involuntarily fallen alseep. Him rediscovering everything and been so tiresome, and he still didn't know whether or not to trust the party that had more or less saved him. His rest is what ended up disturbing him even more.

    Talryn had glimpises of the fight with the undine and of other parties that he had traveled with. But it seemed to focus around Toreon. The fight pretty much played out the way it had in real life except for the end...

    _< No… I don’t care what we have to sacrifice, even if the curse consumes me, this Undine is dead.> Fueled by the rage of seeing a fellow party member slain, Talryn and his darker side lunged at the Undine. The Undine’s smile was wiped off his face, literally, as Talryn’s sword swept through its head.

    The Undine really wasn’t in that much pain but was annoyed and wanted to help the other two retrieve the Sword. However weakened it was, it’s blows were still quite strong and sent a fist into Talryn’s chest. Not only did some ribs crack, Talryn flew backwards and hit the pile of rubble while his heart skipped a beat.

    The Undine spinned Talryn's sword in its hand and walked forward and picked Talryn up, "You couldn't save him..."

    The scenery changed to a barren world. Lightning echoed over head, but the undine was still there holding him up, "...and you can't save it, not even yourself." Talryn saw some people which appeared to be fellow party members fighting. Resty, Rapierian, Moonshadow, Sideline and others were laying on the ground dying. Selax and Wizard were the last to fall, then the undine peirced Talryn's heart and laughed. The undine begun to shift forms into a figure wearing black armor and a cape. Its red eyes were 'burned into Talryn's memory'._

    Talryn woke up screaming in pain. He looked down at the floor and had seen that he coughed up more blood. Granted he was healed back at the tunnel, but it was only temporary.

    Talryn walked back into the tavern after restraping his still bloody sword to him and ordering a drink. Once he calmed down, he headed for the door. As Wizard rose to stop him, he turned and simply stated, "I have to go somewhere" before running outside.

    Thomas and Etiko had been walking up the street towards the tavern to congradulate the party after hearing about the recent quest. They saw Talryn run outside down the street towards them, and the two stopped. Talryn slowed down, "Do i know you?"


    After Thomas and Etiko were caught up on what happened, they took Talryn to the void. Talryn turned to the two and said "Thanks," before taking a step closer to the void.

    "Oh wait, you said that you lost your memory, correct?"


    "Well, I assume that your going to want to learn how to use that sword and how to fight again, otherwise where ever your going it better not involve fighting..."

    "Okay so I might need training..."

    "Well, we both know how to fight and have some time to kill, why not have us teach you?"

    "You sure?"

    "Of course, where are we going."

    "Don't know but it felt familar..." Talryn said, pointed to the void as the correct star pattern arrived, and stepped through, leaving Cythera for an unknown length of time...


    Talryn had ventured back to his homeworld. His homeworld used to be covered with forests and water with the ocasional mountain range. His people were all druids by nature (no pun intended), and separated into different orders. This separate orders would have conflicts every once in a while but mostly, life on the planet was peaceful. The orders specialized in a specific form with their shape shifiting.

    Those that could easily shape shift into a bear had formed the Order of the Sunset. There were many different orders, such as the Order of the Hunt belonging to those that shapeshifted into Storm Crows. The order's all had a representitive that communicated with the other orders and was apart of the Council of the Dusk.

    Long ago, however, when the orders and the council where newly made, they made a decision that would alter the world for the rest of eternity. This was during a time when the Death King had first made his appearance, with him and the Chimera in competion seeking aide in their never ending fight.

    A week before the fight, a representitive of the Chimera came through the void that Kelar had discovered on while wandering through the forest. He had come across a patch of desert. This was interesting because out of the entire world, this new climate only existed here. Kelar had choesn to walk this direction, because during the night, the ground had shook and a new mountain had appeared.

    Kelar had returned to his village and spook with the representitive of the Order of the Stalkers. The representitive nodded, and then turned, transformed into a panther like creature and quickly departed the village, heading directly to the Council of the Dusk. The Council moved from their normal meeting place to the newly made Mountain.

    The council debated about what to do with the void, when the Chimeraian Representitve stepped through and clamly walked up to the council. The representitive told the story of the soon to be epic battle for good vs evil and awaited the council's response...

    Seemed like a good place to stop,
    With more to come soon..

  • I like it. I hope to see the rest soon!

  • Interesting Chron, Dark Jet. :) I'm curious to see where it goes (in part because it references some of my characters ;) ).

  • nothing like dying in a foreboding dream, eh? :p

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