Order of the Midday Sun

  • Part 2 of Talryn's Quest

    OOC: Not sure if this part is done or not. Let me know if more should be added before I finish part 3. It continues exactly where Order of the Hunt left off. A bit shorter than the first part. Thanks to Cache22 for the suggestions on some of the names. Enjoy BIC:

    _After some debate, the council agreed to aid the Chimera in their fight, and agreed that all of the orders should assemble at the mountain. “I suppose we should come up with a name for this mountain after all.”

    “The Mountain of Foreboding?” The silence that ensued was as if to say are you really suggesting that?

    “How about the Mountain of the Void?” The silence and glares were more intensified with this idea than the previous.

    “Fine, Haunted Mound?” At this point two representatives stood up and dragged the council member away.

    “Definitely not, what about the Mountain of the Twilight Sky?” There was much agreement but not everyone liked it.

    “Oh, I got it. The Mountain of Stellar Winds.” After much agreement came from that response, the council set about gathering the councils. The Order of the Hunt Representative merely transformed into a Storm Crow and let out a deafening call. The Orders took their turns letting out extremely loud cries of their beast…_


    Talryn finished stepping through the other side of the void, and immediately felt a strong connection to the place. Thomas and Etiko stepped through a few moments later. This cave… That torch… so familiar… Talryn took a step forward scanning the cave that they were in. It was definitely familiar. A torch stood in the sandy ground propped up, still burning.

    Etiko took a step forward and stuck her hand near the torch and then pulled it back, “Magic”. Talryn looked back at the void and then walked around the corner after grabbing the torch and he saw the exit to the cave. The exit was not that far away and the light from outside was too bright for him to make out details of the outside.

    Thomas inhaled deeply, and then grabbed another torch that lit the cave. “The air is stale…” Talryn drew his sword at the same time Thomas did, and Etiko was a step behind the two, with her bow drawn.

    Once the three stepped outside of the cave, the outside didn’t seem so bright. Talryn looked around and all he saw was a barren desert. He looked behind them and saw a gigantic crater in the side of the mountain that the cave came from. Upon closer inspection, weapons of various types and very small skeletal fragments could be found lying around the base of the mountain...


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  • This may seem reminiscent of some of Slayer's old comments, but my only real complaint is that it's too short! I want more! ;)

    One note on spelling: "extremely loud cry’s of their beast" should be "extremely loud cries of their beast."

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  • @cache22_bot, on Jan 19 2007, 01:39 AM, said in Order of the Midday Sun:

    One note on spelling: "extremely loud cry’s of their beast" should be "extremely loud cries of their beast."

    I knew that... :p

    Its fixed, thanks again.


  • I agree with cache: it was a little too short (although considering how short some of mine have been I'm probably not in a position to talk). Well done and nice chron, by the way. :)

  • aggravatingly short! But I think I like it!

  • Ditto.

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