Tale of the Flax Farm

  • Inspired by: Tales of Bellerophon

    "Grampa, tell us about the time you met the Hero. You promised you would!"

    "Oh. Well did I?... Must have forgotten."

    "Grampa! You know your memory isn't THAT bad!"

    "Fine, if you insist... Are you sure you don't want to wait 'til tomorrow?"

    "YES! We're SURE that you'd better tell it RIGHT NOW!"

    "grumble, mumble, grumble Long, long ago, when I was knee-high to a ratlizard, I met the Hero....

    Asteropaeus stood near the edge of his father's field, smelling the air like an experienced farmer would. Although he was still unexperienced, he could detect the unseasonable salty smell of autumn air. At least the weather was good for the flax, his father'd said so. But it wasn't normal, and that was bad. A couple of strangers turned off the main road, and approached the farm. Aster ran off to report the news to his father.

    A few minutes later, the strangers approached. "Good day, sir." Greeted the leader, "What is your name, and what is your business? I seek knowledge of these lands."

    "Pelops is my name, and I'm a Flax Farmer. I could sell you a bale of quality flax for a mere seven oboloi."

    The conversation went on into politics, and other things that Aster didn't know or care about. Eventually the strangers went on to the house, and his father called him over. "Aster my boy, this may be one of the most important days of your life. If that man can't solve Cythera's problems, no one can!"

    A few minutes later the strangers emerged from the house, loaded with cheeses. Pelops laughed, "You've got to like a man who appreciates your wife's cheese as much as you do!"

    A few days later, while Aster was taking a nap on the flax bales behind the house, he heard a loud noise approaching the house. He quickly scrambled down, and peeked around the corner of the house. A party was approaching the house! Aster ran inside to warn his mother that a possibly dangerous band of men was approaching the house, but when they got closer he saw that the leader of the band was the same man who had bought cheese a few days ago. But the party had grown from two to five members, and two of them seemed to be arguing about something.

    It was getting late, and the people stood around and talked while their leader was sleeping on one of the beds. Then Asteropaeus had to go to bed, and when he woke up the next afternoon; the salt smell was out of the air, and everyone was planning a celebration.

  • Nice chron, Jehezekel. :)

  • Please sir, can I have some more? ;) I think you should expand it a bit more. I'm kinda left hanging, wanting to know what happens next. Nice one!

  • What happens next? Well, I suppose they had their party. Eventually Asteropaeus found a pretty girl, got married, they had children, their children grew up, and had children of their own, and his grandchildren loved bugging him to tell the story!

  • Hi jehezekel ( how do you pronounce that anyway?)

    It's a very good start of a story but write more and actually you could have the grandmother tell about the things you did on this game. And maybe if i can get around to it i'll help you ok. But don't get your hopes up i'm only a ten year old.

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