Order of the Red Scale

  • Part 4

    Talryn looked around to find that was he standing in the middle of the barren wasteland world. There was no thunder from the almost constant lightning, which gave the world a purple tint, but it wasn’t that noticeable. Talryn saw a big lightning bolt strike the ground near the horizon and a loud echo knocked him off his feet.
    Once Talryn stood up again, he was still bewildered on how and why that the bolt of lightning caused noise compared to the stream of lightning above him. He glanced at the grey clouds that light up every few seconds. Talryn felt something wet on his hand and looked down, there was a drop of blood on his hand.
    He felt another wet drop hit him. He wiped his hand on his neck and saw that it too was red. Talryn looked up into the sky just in time to see a wave of blood come crashing down. He closed his eyes and kneeled, crouching into a ball. The wave hit the ground, and then it continued to rain blood after that.
    A wave came rushing towards him from where the bolt of lightning had previously struck the ground. As it passed, the barren dirt was revealed briefly. Only this time, there were bodies lying on the dirt. Some seemed familiar, faces that he knew the names of but couldn’t recall.
    There seemed to be bodies stretching each direction to the horizon and beyond. The ones closer felt more familiar. After a few seconds the blood returned, but did not submerged the bodies and only came halfway up the corpses. Talryn walked around and looked at bodies and stopped as he recognized a group of them. He saw the bodies of those people that saved him from that cramped underground tunnel.
    This is Cat… here is Wizard… and there Resty… Even Selax and Sideline, and then also Brianna and Silverfish… Why? Talryn looked to the sky and felt rage fill him up. He got the feeling that he knew all of these people, some better than others. He opened his mouth and let out a loud cry of pain.
    The sky continued to rain blood and cast lightning bolts around as if they were paper, with no noise. The only thing Talryn could hear as he fell to his knees was the sound of the blood hitting the blood that was already on the ground. Besides that and his motions, everything was silent. He bent over and coughed up the blood that had fallen into his mouth while screaming.
    Talryn looked by to the sky, with tears streaking down his face as if to ask again ‘Why is this happening?’ The sky was briefly overridden with an image. A face that felt more familiar than the previous friends of Talryn took shape and cried out in a deafening painful dying scream. Talryn cover his ears and looked away for a brief second. When he looked back up, all he saw was the never moving clouds and the endless storm.
    As he looked back down to the bodies, they began to fade away. The blood around him moved away as if it were a conscious being. The rain stopped within a circle of about 5 feet. Talryn got back up on his feet and slowly turned around looking at the ever-rising blood.
    He stopped when he saw a familiar body. He ran over and knelt down, and then turned the body over to see the face. The only thing from his past that came back with pure clarity amongst the black nothingness was one name. He looked at the face and remembered, Ton-Sair. This was the face of the sky. Brief images came flooding back. Talryn knew that this was his first and most dear friend; then the scene of his death came back sporadically.
    It was broken up into parts, first played the sword ripping through his heart. Then came a conversation that had happened right before Ton-Sair had jumped into battle. This was followed by the part where the sword was removed and Talryn held Ton-Sair’s dying body. After the images stopped coming back, Talryn concentrated on playing out the scene in order…


    Kelar lead the Representative to the mentioned kid. “This is Talryn, the one that I told you about. Talryn come here for a second, would you?” Two kids were sitting on the ground opposite of each other, deep in concentration. They both stopped and one nodded to the other.
    To use the term ‘kid’ to describe the age of these two would be inappropriate and an insult. Kelar turned to the Representative, “Talryn is 10 years old in normal age. He is one of the most promising young Druids that we have. He belongs to the Order of the Hunt, and has set the record of the youngest Druid to successfully shape shift.”
    The Representative nodded and examined the boy as he calmly walked towards the two older people. Talryn bowed to the two and nodded to Kelar. There was a brief silence as Kelar transmitted the conversation into Talryn’s head, when he touched Talryn’s shoulder. Talryn nodded again and then spoke to the Representative, “Honored sir, I am ready to begin when you are.”
    The Representative and the 10 human year old boy walked out of the camp and then sat down and the Representative explained how to cast the enchantment. Thirty minutes later, Talryn and the Representative returned to the Druid’s encampment. Talryn nodded to Kelar and then ran back over to his friend. “So what happen while I was gone, Ton-Sair?”
    Kelar bowed before the Representative. The Representative nodded and then opened a rift in space that took him to right before the Void. He waited for the correct star pattern before leaving the Druid’s world and returning to his masters, The Chimera…


    OOC: More of a set up for the next part, Order of the Black Fang with the introduction of a new character. Hope you enjoy. In reality, I probably should've combined Black Fang and this one together, but ah well.
    The Newer Version of Talryn.
    Ton-Sair's Info.


  • Interesting.

  • If all goes as planned, this will set up Black Fang perfectly and that next part will be the best of the five so far.


  • Another well done installment, Dark. :)

    I must ask: how old is Talryn by the time of Cythera?

  • Spoiler:


    Talryn gets put into a stasis for a couple hundred years or so. He is body is actually older than his current age. If Cytheran year = Human year (which should be correct..) then probably 1500 to 2000 years old.

    Kentonis gave me some ideas yesterday and I'm going to go back and re-write the parts for this. The story will be the same, minus the rewording and hopefully better writing style... which means that Order of the Black Fang is put onto the back burner.


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  • Nice one, Dark. Roll on part five!

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