Gateway to the Unknown 3

  • The perfect crime...

    Part Five.

    From the Writing of Pamorata, Mage of Pnyx, Murder Investigator to the LandKing.
    Our expedition was not a complete waste of time. True, we only had one piece of Information, and we thought we were no further to our Goal, but we had managed to make Baldor abstain from everything except Water. We found nothing in Kosha, and after we arrived, we learnt that both Ariadne and Matinea had been murdered. Even the very guards in their Rooms had heard nothing. I was beginning to wonder if the Nexus Lord was invisible.

    Evening. The day our heroes arrive back at Pnyx, after a three week journey.

    Pamorata trudged slowly back to her office. Well, that was a waste of time. she thought sadly. That note writer can’t be trusted, evidently.
    She opened the door and stopped. There, in the centre of the desk, was another note.
    Opening it, she stared at the message. All in capital letters, it read: NOT ALL RICH MEN LIVE IN CITIES AND TOWNS, TUNA BRAIN.
    Mildly annoyed at the insult, she wondered exactly what it meant. Looks like I need to write down exactly what I know. Pamorata mused.

    Her pillow had turned hard. Strange. she thought, then opened her eyes. Wood greeted them. She cautiously raised her head. She was still in her office.
    A piece of paper with her writing on it swam into focus.
    What was I doing? Oh, yes.
    Pamorata reread what she had written so far.
    The Nexus Lord:
    Hired by a rich man, who doesn’t live in a town or city.
    Low hissing noise heard before each murder.
    Kills with a dagger.
    Possibly invisible.

    It didn’t look promising.
    She greeted the arrival of the mail with happiness. Maybe the solitary envelope held another clue. It certainly wasn’t from her agents.
    Pamorata opened it.
    Mage Pamorata, it read.
    _Your presence is requested urgently at the Flax Farm, South-West of Odemia.
    Your humble servant,

    Part Six.

    _From the Writing of Pamorata, Mage of Pnyx, Murder Investigator to the LandKing.
    And so I roused my companions, and we set off for the farm. We were Ambushed by ruffians not three hundred yards from Pnyx, an unheard of event. It was quite a Battle, for although they had the advantage of Numbers and Surprise, we owned better Armour and Weapons. In the Confusion, Melchior snuck around behind a ruffian, and attacked silently. Unfortunately, the ruffian appeared to be wearing a Hauberk, and the dagger blade snapped. I don’t know what would have happened if Baldor had not dispatched the ruffian with his next stroke.

    Melchior nabbed a dagger off a fallen ruffian, and tried again on another target. This ruffian was only wearing a tunic, and the thief’s dagger slid home easily. There was a thud as the ruffian landed full length in the dirt, coincidentally tripping another. Mechior got him, too, then had to dodge as a third took a swing at him with a mace. Pamorata came to his rescue, casting her version of the spell ‘Mystic Arrow’. A green firebolt struck the ruffian, blinding him and setting fire to his clothing. He screamed, and ran to where he thought the river was. Unfortunately, he ran towards Pnyx, and a mage saw him. In a fit of panic, witnessing this screaming, green demon, the mage cast a fireball.

    Eventually, all but one ruffian lay dead on the battlefield. The prisoner was Melchior’s, the victim of a Terrorisation spell later in the fight.
    Our heroes gathered around to question him as to the reason for such an organised ambush. The last remnants of the spell hadn’t faded, perhaps the reason he complied.
    “Testing you!” the ruffian whimpered. “Orders not to kill!”
    Pamorata’s truthspell confirmed it.
    “Who gave the orders?” she queried.
    He opened his mouth to answer, but no sound came out. His eyes widened in further terror as he tried to breathe, but couldn’t. His eyes glazed over, and he slowly fell over.
    “No vital signs. He’s dead.” reported Talinor, after a hasty examination of the corpse.
    “Damn! Death spell.” said Pamorata.

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  • Wow, now that I have finished all three parts I have to say that this story is really really good. I am looking forward to the chance to read the rest of it.

  • Thank you, Ragnar0k. The rest should be up in an hour or two.

  • Well done, CrazyChick; the note was amusing. (I'm also pleased at the NL's list of kills. ;) )

  • snerk tuna brain... ^_^

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