Pining For Home

  • i'm not oak-ay

    i once was a tree
    growing in Cytheran woods
    then a woodsman came

    chopped down all of me
    split me up into long planks
    oh @#&% now i'm dead

    but it is not so!
    i am alive still, somehow
    ...though i'm in pieces

    one piece in the roof
    lots more built into the floor-
    i'm architecture?

    part of a tavern
    somewhere in Cademia
    where i get walked on

    but not only that
    aside from the mass of feet
    more to contend with

    daily bar room brawls
    drinks spilled on me all the time
    setting me on fire

    arrows stuck in me
    and the relentless daggers
    stabbed in my floor boards

    not to mention rain
    (my roof boards mercilessly
    having been ripped off)

    it's a hard-knocked life
    did i get a choice in it?
    oh no, i did not!

    so what should i do?
    there remains only one choice...
    you all get splinters!

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  • Poor tree!

    I like your poem.

  • Very nice, Katerei, quite unique.

    On an unrelated note, ssuming the tavern the tree refers to is The Alraeican Tavern, then it shouldn't complain: it gets repaired by repair magic all the time, after all. ;)

  • yes, it was the Alraeican Tavern, but i couldn't identify it by name because i didn't know how many syllables were in 'Alraeican'. ^_^

  • Finally, someone else writes a poem! :D Nice job, Kat.

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