A Titan's Life

  • A titan herd rested peacefully in the shade of the trees on the eastern foothills of Cythera. munch munch munch

    As one of the few species of reptile known to chew the cud, the titan holds a highly favoured position among the magi of biology in Cythera. munch
    Ahh, here comes a learned looking man now! munch It appears that he has wisely taken precautions against ruffian attack. munch Two warriors lead his party, and a tough looking old man is acting as pack-mule. munch Interesting. munch munch munch
    Bellerophon and his companions greedily split the titan meat amongst themselves, and carefully moved the corpse so that it would disappear before anyone from the Cytheran Department of Feral Beasts could find out.

  • :blink:

  • Personally, I liked it, although it was a bit short.

  • Yeah, it's more of a Scene than a full-length Chron, written specifically because this forum was looking kind of lonely.

  • Needs a sequel, methinks.

  • What sort of sequel? It's really just a Scene, and I have no idea what would happen on either side of it. @_@

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