A day in the life of a hero

  • at the farm.

    Bellerophen grumbled as he was kicked by the goat for the seventh time. "Just how was I to know that I was trampling on a valuable crop? It looked like an empty field to me!" thwack "AND WHY WON'T THIS GOAT STOP KICKING ME!!!"

    Alcmena tsk'd him gently, and casually grabbed a chicken by the legs as she turned to the butcher-block, "By the way, Pelops is expecting you to stay for dinner."

    It was several hours later that Bellerophen hobbled into the cottage, and Meleager greeted him enthusiastically, congratulating him on procuring a half-cup of milk. With much groaning Bellerophen lowered himself onto a seat, and listened politely to the farmer's discussion on the weather. Indeed, he was listening so politely that Asteropaeus laughed when Bellerophen awoke with a start as dinner ended.

    There was nothing left for Bellerophen to eat except for chicken legs. Which, being hungry, he ate, with relish -lots of relish. Pelops and Alcmena looked on with amusement, and refrained from commenting when he went to sleep in their bed. But several hours later they showed no mercy, but kicked Bellerophen out.

    It was a sore, tired night for Bellerophen wandering over the fields of Cythera, fighting off hordes of ruffians and other -worse- creatures. And he wished that he had stayed at the LandKing's hall, and never ventured out to try saving Cythera from imminent doom.

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  • Nice work, although a bit too short.

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