Magic user/Warrior??

  • hmmm is it possible for a warrior to be able to learn and have magic of his own? i can't seem to get any at all.... :frown:


  • Any character can learn magic. You must first train in casting and mana. Make sure you have enough training points. You need a higher casting level to learn certain spells. For details about how to learn the necessary skills and information on spells, check out my site.

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  • Not directed to Bumsnapper: Training Points will always be a problem later on. You get six for each experience level you go up. You need experience points to go up a level. Decide earlier on about how you will use your training points, so you don't have to get 100,000 EP to learn important skills.

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  • I just pick the explorer, up the sword by 2, the sheild by 1, attack by1, and defense by1. Then I learn magic (casting and mana). When I get to level 2 I learn more mana and casting. I do this through level three. Then I'm powerful enough to quickly get to level 9. After this happens, I just pick a skill i'm in the mood for.

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