• a Chron dedicated to the NPCs of Land-King hall

    The cave-slime squelched softly up the corridor. Blind, unfeeling, deaf. Yet it sensed power nearby, a power it wished to integrate into it's own being. The cave-slime grew, divided, rejoined, divided anticipating the life-energy it would derive from the power.


    The boy leaned his mace against the wall & turned to his companion, "Father? Why is this corridor constantly infested with cave-slimes?"

    "I don't know Hector," Hadrian smiled down at his son, "but perhaps someday you can be bodyguard to a mage who wishes to study them."

    Hector nodded thoughtfully, "I'm starving!"

  • If somebody mentioned the possibility to me of becoming a bodyguard to a cave-slime-studying mage, I think I'd feel hungry too! ... Actually I'd probably never want to eat again o.O

    Cute chronicle ^_^

  • Amusing, although a bit short :) .

  • Thanks peoples! ^^ I'll try to write a longer 1 some other time, maybe even on the same subject ^~

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