Megalomaniac's Journal

  • Looking back at the worst day of the first tyrant's life

    Note: Response to a challenge from Sely. (Posted past the deadline partially because I was waiting for his permission :P)


    It was the best of times: it was the worst of times. It was back when I lived in Cademia, and I randomly decided to take over Cythera. It was a lot of fun. But then one day, I received a note from a dear friend of mine (a mage), which was so troublesome that it caused the entire day to qualify as the worst day of my life. I still remember the letter, word-for-word:

    You must stop this extemporaneous domination of Kythera, you megalomaniac.

    Now, to be fair, I am a megalomaniac, and I am extemporaneously dominating Cythera. It's my friend's misspelling of "Cythera" that gets to me. I thought he was an intelligent, well-educated man. I was so upset that I exiled every mage from Cythera. After all, if they can't spell "Cythera," they don't deserve to be in it.

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  • ^^ This Chron is full of win! ^^

    Negatives: too wordy :p

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