Downfall: Not all "heroes" are.

  • Part I: Bellerophen

    Times were hard, but Diane didn't mind much. She was young & resilient. That, & she had a secret hideout in the woods west of Odemia where she kept the Unicorn she had raised from the egg. But today, as she was heading to her hideout, strange thoughts plagued Diane, rumours of a mighty man who would rescue Cythera from the troubles.

    Off in the distance Diane noted 3 figures coming North from Cademia as she ducked into the dusky woods. A few minutes later she arrived at the hideout. "Good morning Emmy," she called out to her unicorn as she pushed back a flimsy blockade to let herself in. Emerald hissed with pleasure as Diane petted its scaly side.

    "There's a Hero out there Emmy, he's going to make everything nice again."

    Diane passed on behind a low outcropping of rocks to pick some yummy berries for Emerald, as a treat beyond the ferns that unicorns normally ate.

    A minute later Diane heard shouting from the direction of the hideout, "Hey, Bellerophen! Some hero you are! How do you expect to save the world if you can't help getting impaled by a unicorn?!"

    Then there was a terrible shriek & Diane fumbled for 2 stones, but before she could get back to the hideout the voices were fading away. "Whatever! Hector, I think that in the end, my magic trai..."

    Diane arrived back at the hideout, only to see the barricade torn down, & the husk of her unicorn draped across the grass.

    "Emmy... Emmy..." she sobbed, "the hero isn't bringing happiness, he's just here to amuse himself, just to amuse his own sick mind!" Her voice rose to a wail, "Hero! VILLAIN! I don't care where or what you are, I will hunt you down, & I will destroy you!"

    Then she collapsed in nightmare laden unconsciousness.

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  • Hmm, an interesting story, albeit a tad bit short. Perhaps, Bellerophon was a villain to some people...especially those who like unicorns or titans ;) . At least, he hasn't wiped out any towns (one of my favorite things to do in Cythera :) ).

    I'm curious: will Diane's actions doom Cythera or merely mildly annoy Bellerophon?

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