Life of a Golem In Cademia

  • The fallowing happens during the beginning of the golem hunters, but not to beginning. In a little secret passage under Cadamia a lab guarded by a golem. The following diary is found in one of the old musty books from the bookshelf. It actually works out quite well in terms of explaining the fur coat.


    Day 1

    Me master has just taught me how to right. He is quite pleased about my progress. He says I much smarter then his other Golem is.

    Day 2

    My master found my notes from yesterday. He was so ashamed that he had to teach me some grammer. The other golem has gone out and killed a unicorn and brought it back to the room. Now it smells.

    Day 3

    IDK something about a bunch of golem hunters going and killing other golems because they are causing problems. So he's building a bunch of gates. He say we going to be all right.

    Day 4

    Hey Master! what's this staff do?

    Day 5

    Other golem going out to bury master. Not wanting anyone to see him I tore off the skin of the unicorn and other golem go out to bury him. It has been an hour and I am bored, other golem hasn't come back yet. I begin to worry about his safety. I hear there are rats in the sewers, but I don't think rocks can be poisoned. Hey look a lyre! I don't thing anyone will mind if I play it

    P N G

    What was that?

    Day 6

    Okay other golem isn't coming back. I don't really know where he went. Maybe the Golem hunters got him. Ah well nappy nap time

    (Several Years Pass)

    Hey someone openned the gate! It must be my master! Or other Golem! I am running out to give them a big golem hug right now! I'm coming other golem!


    And the rest... well I'm pretty sure we all know what happened next

  • Clever, and does work well. :p

  • That's the best Chronicle this board has seen in nine months!

    And it's pretty amusing :D Poor dumb golem!

    Thanks for posting ^_^

  • I feel worse for the one that got trapped with the golem hunter. :p

  • An imaginative point of view :) . Good to see some activity around here.

    Hmm, was that Semius (the golem hunter whose bones are found in the game) or Bellerophon himself at the end?

  • A fun read but not clear what's happening, esp. on day 5.
    I think that on Day 5 he opened the way to the secret room even though he wasn't within hearing distance of it, & the other Golem got lost on his way to dispose of their master's body, thus getting trapped in the secret room. The bones would therefore be their master's, & the cloak is actually a unicorn skin.

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