Downfall: Not all "heroes" are.

  • Part II: Ruffians

    Diane made her way slowly toward Pnyx, her only clue as to Bellerophen's location the last words she heard before she found her unicorn's dead body, "In the end, my magic trai(ning)". At least, Diane guessed it was "training", & Pnyx was the only place to learn magic on the whole island.

    It took two days for Diane to reach the Eastern edge of the mountains, scurrying from cover to cover, hiding behind bushes for hours, fearful that if anyone saw her they would kill her like Bellerophen killed Emmy. At nightfall of the second day she approached the pass, hopeful that nobody would be on such a deserted stretch of road at night, but it was not to be.

    A pack of rough men sat around a fire talking loudly, "When you figure's the last time anybody actually came through the pass at night?" "I hear that hero fella has some odd habits." "Boss says he'll give full pardon for going AWOL, if we return with the hero's body." Diane had now surpassed the ruffians, but she paused & stood, thinking to enlist their aid. But it was not to be.

    As soon as the ruffians saw her, they let out a whoop & scrambled to their feet. A dagger bounded through the air & barely missed Diane. She ran, a sling pebble bounced painfully off her back, she ran harder.

    It wasn't until her feet entered the safe halls of Pnyx in the grey light of morning that Diane dared slow down. Following the guard's directions on how to reach the dinning hall, Diane quickly found her way to the garden, & curling up in a stand of bushes, slept.

  • Poor girl, thinking the ruffians would help her... Well, they helped her speed up anyway ^_^

    Will she get to meet Niobe & be friends? Will her back get better? Will she find the "hero" and tell him what-for? The suspense! We definitely need a third chapter.

  • Find a pet cemetery! :p

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