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  • An Antenor Story

    (Note: This story was inspired by this awesome thread.)

    Antenor had decided to sell his building. He had bought it 25 years ago. He was a different person 25 years ago. Ah, the dreams he had 25 years ago. It hurt to remember. And that building reminded him. He tried to avoid looking at it, but it was so imposing. He should be living in that building. With Hebe. And their twelve children. Oh, the dreams he had 25 years ago. He couldn't stand to live there by himself, it was too painful.

    The sooner he sold that building, the better.

    He frowned as he looked at his MLS listing. It was so perfect, why hadn't anyone inquired about it yet?

    Listing Price: 10,000 oboloi
    Bedrooms: 0
    Bathrooms: 0
    Flooring: Dirt
    Square Feet: 730
    Lot Size: 730
    Year: 699
    Marketing Remarks: Zoned commercial! Incredible location. Rent out the three marketside rooms, great investment!

    Antenor sighed, and went to bed.


    Like most nights, Antenor relived his past in his nightmares. His beautiful fiancée Hebe, her family's wooden house, his own obsession with fire...

    He tossed and turned all night.


    The next day, a traveler stopped by.

    "Excuse me, you're Antenor, right?" he asked.


    "My name's Bellerophon. Pleasure to meet you!" They shook hands. "I'm here because I saw the listing for your house."


    The voices from Antenor's memories screamed in his head. Sweet Hebe and her livid parents, screaming, you burned down our house!

    "Yes, the house." said Bellerophon impatiently. "I want it."

    You burned our house! You burned our house!

    "I... I don't know what you're talking about," said Antenor.

    Bellerophon's face was turning red and contorting. "You don't?! I'm talking about your house! YOU THINK YOU'RE TOO GOOD FOR ME?!"

    And before Antenor knew what was happening, a giant ball of fire appeared in front of Bellerophon and flung itself at Antenor.

    He was killed instantly.


    Some time later, impossible to tell how much, Antenor was awoken to a bright green light. As the light died down, Antenor felt something warm on his neck, and he saw that he was wearing an incredibly blingy necklace. Bellerophon removed it.

    "Sorry, bro," said Bellerophon sheepishly. "Hey, how about the building , may I buy your building?"

    "Oh! Yes!" exclaimed Antenor. "It costs ten thousand - you know, it's been in my family for generations...."

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