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  • This is a response to the Summer 2013 Challenge. One of the requirements is that the chronicle must reference my favourite city in the game. I could never choose my favourite, and I really like all of them; so where does that put me? Would the Chron need to mention every city in the game? I figured making it a Demodocus story would be a easy way to get every city in. Since it's Demodocus, I tried to make it musical, but I don't know if the tunes will make sense to anyone who's not in my head (also, imagine cool instrumental transitions between each verse of the medley). I still didn't mention Abydos or cool side-places like the flax farm, in fact I only threw Ayrit in at the last minute because I hadn't met the minimum word requirement yet. I think this takes place a couple of days before the start of the game.

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    (Main theme, 0:00~0:40)
    On this day
    Every day
    The choice I make
    Is the same
    As every

    other day

    Where shall I go to play?

    There's so many wonderful
    Options in this great beautiful land
    Where shall I go to play,
    on this lovely day?

    So many places
    So many choices


    (Odemia, 0:12-0:48)
    In the quaint town of Odemia
    There are many tradesmen with various talents and abilities and they are very skilled
    So much so, my good cowardly friend Tlepolemus can fish
    that man can fish!
    Don't ask me how
    I couldn't find deep water there
    Or really, anywhere
    But that is neither here nor there
    That is irrelevant to this verse about Odemia

    (Catamarca, 0:00-0:29)
    Summer spot,
    Inarguably the best place to be
    If you are thirsty
    But only if you want to catch the deadly plague
    I don't know that for sure
    It's only a rumor
    But you know
    I'll stay away
    For now anyway.

    (Cademia, 0:00-0:40)
    O Cademia
    Mother city, the oldest town in Cythera
    And oh, the mysteries-!
    Under the ground
    And the delicious cuisine
    In Dares' Eatery
    Good food, company
    But best of all,
    Bryaxis, he is the
    coolest mage in the world
    He is a genius
    No others compare to his coolness, indeed

    (Kosha, 0:28-0:58)
    Yeah, Koshaaaaa!
    How I used to


    Seeing this modern metropolisssssssss
    And catching


    with Old Man Canachus
    But his so-o-o-ns
    Are extremely lame
    ...So never mind
    (I've got better places to be)

    (Seldane, 0:00-0:41)
    I've heard about
    a metic city
    Somewhere in
    I don't know where
    And I don't know if

    metics are real

    but they do

    make beautiful songs

    and that's the important thing

    (Pnyx, 0:00-0:30)
    I consider Pnyx...
    Lots of secrets here...
    Within the tunnels,
    Underneath the ground,
    Behind locked doors (and I'm sure there's more..!)
    But everywhere I go, I do have to eat...
    And I want a solid meal!
    Pnyx does not comply...
    Have you seen their food?...
    It's not very good...
    'Just go somewhere else

    (Land King Hall, 0:24-0:54)
    Like the palace of the LandKing
    Dear Alaric
    He has not been well at all
    And I wish I could help..
    But there is nothing I can do...
    Except play music and sing ballads to attempt to cheer him up
    And so that , I will do

  • Well, this is certainly a creative response. It does portray Demodocus fairly well.

    Well done, as always :) .

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