(part the third)Grapper's Return:

  • Notes: This is an entry for the May Chron Challenge. As fan-fiction fan-fiction, it is endorsed by neither gandreas, the author of Cythera, or Grapper, the author of the original chron, (Introduction)Grapper's Return:.


    (continued frompart two)

    Grapper is dreaming. He has a sword. He IS a sword. He wanders the countryside looking for bandits. He finds a group of seven bandits. They are looking down the valley at a group of passing travelers. Ha! Grapper can easily defeat them and save the travelers from harm. Then he attacks. But, he is a sword, and can't swing himself. Grapper lies on the ground, then one of the bandits picks him up and they charge the travelers. The bandit slashes and Grapper's vision turns red.
    But it isn't blood, it is lava. Grapper walks up to the altar and placed his offering of bagels. An apparition appears. "Nice," it says.
    "I made these myself," Grapper says.
    "Of course," says the apparition. "I knew and that is why I appeared to you. Grapper, I am here to warn you of a terrible danger."
    "Why?" asks Grapper. "I am always very careful."
    "Yes, but this is no normal danger. Hector is taking you to recapture the Comana boys, but the real danger is…"
    Hector shakes Grapper awake. "Grapper," he says. "We are being attacked! It is a sand hydra!"

    (continued inpart four)

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  • I certainly didn't see that coming!

    More suspense!

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