(♸)Grapper's Return:

  • Notes: This is an entry for the May Chron Challenge. As fan-fiction fan-fiction, it is endorsed by neither gandreas, the author of Cythera, or Grapper, the author of the original chron, (Introduction)Grapper's Return:.


    (continued frompart five)

    Grapper and Hector reappear. This place is also in darkness but it's a different place. Hector says, "Grapper, I do not like this. That spell should have taken us to Land King Hall, but we are not there."
    "Well, for now I think we should get ourselves out of here," says Grapper. They walk around in the dark and then they find a staircase. At the top of it they turn left and push through a secret door. It was secret from the outside but not the from the inside. They sneak through a bedroom and a hallway when they hear someone shout "Guards! Intruders!"
    Four guardsmen rush into the hallway. Grapper easily avoids their swords and knocks down the four guardsmen. They are lying on their backs in a row and Grapper draws his sword and holds it to all of their throats at the same time. "You have done nothing wrong, I will not kill you. You were just protecting…this place. What is this place?"
    "Why, the castle of Kosha, but of course you knew that."
    "Yes I did."
    Hector shouts, "Look, the Comana boys!" Grapper runs over to see. There are three little boys playing in the garden.
    "But Hector," Grapper says, "they cannot be the Comana brothers. They are just boys."
    "They are. Grapper, we have not only travelled to Kosha—but also back in time!"

    (continued inpart seven)

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