(A13C)Grapper's Return

  • Notes: This is an entry for the May Chron Challenge. As fan-fiction fan-fiction, it is endorsed by neither gandreas, the author of Cythera, or Grapper, the author of the original chron, (Introduction)Grapper's Return:.


    (continued frompart twelve)

    Grapper says, "Semius the golem hunter? But I thought you died years ago in Cademia."
    "No as you can see I am quite fine. One of the mage Machaon's spells brought me to this universe but left my skeleton behind. I am very much indebted to our alien friends for giving me a new one."
    They feel a bump as another saucer docks. A group of aliens and one human boards.
    "Has Mr. Pringle accepted?" an alien asks.
    The man answers "Well I would love to stay home and make music but space-time is where my daughter is and I can't let anything happen to her or by extension it."
    "Good. We heard from high command that our enemies are on the move already. We need to go now so Hector will have to be our fifth member."

    A few hours later they are orbiting around a new planet in a red star system.
    "What do you need us to do?" Grapper asks.
    "They have built an installation here and are attempting to feed the star until it bursts and becomes a black hole. We need you to figure out how they are feeding the star and stop it. Then-"
    The lights on the saucer go out. An alien shouts "Captain! We are going down!"

    (continued inpart fourteen)

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