(3³)Grapper's Return:

  • Notes: This is an entry for the May Chron Challenge. As fan-fiction fan-fiction, it is endorsed by neither gandreas, the author of Cythera, or Grapper, the author of the original chron, (Introduction)Grapper's Return:.


    (continued frompart twenty-six)

    Grapper draws his sword and runs at the wizard. The wizard throws magic fire at Grapper but he slashes it out of the air with his sword. Grapper slices at the wizard but the wizard deflects the blow with more magic. Grapper attacks again and again, forcing the wizard to wade backwards into the lake, but can't break through his defenses.
    Grapper says, "Team! We need to work together to defeat the wizard!" He raises his sword in the air and so do the others.
    Semius shouts "Z-WOLF COMBINE: BODY OF THE WOLF"
    Hector shouts "Z-WOLF COMBINE: LEGS OF THE WOLF"
    Amelia shouts "Z-WOLF COMBINE: JAWS OF THE WOLF"
    Grapper sneaks behind the wizard and just as Amelia says her line, flicks the switch on the back of the wizard's neck and he turns back into a rubber duck. Grapper jumps on its back and puts his sword to the switch. He pushes, and the switch is sliced off so it can't be put back in the wizard position anymore.
    "Now space-time is safe, in our dimension and others."
    Grapper and the others climb down the plateau. They're just a bit east of the River Sitia, so they go south and cross over the bridge and go back to Cademia. When they arrive they are stopped by a guard outside the city.
    "Halt who goes there" the guard says.
    "I am Grapper and this is my team," Grapper says.
    "I cannot allow you to enter. No one may enter Cademia except by permission of the Comana boys."

    (continued inpart twenty-eight)

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  • What! Those rotten Comana Bros.!

    I love how you deal with threats without fully explaining them ^_ __^ I think that's part of the Grapper Magic!

  • @breadworldmercy453_bot, on 26 April 2014 - 12:07 PM, said in (3³)Grapper's Return::

    I love how you deal with threats without fully explaining them ^_ __^ I think that's part of the Grapper Magic!

    In the introduction, there is a sentence that glosses over the killing of over a hundred people (assuming 6 ruffians is the typical size of a gang).

  • It's been a while since I've played Cythera (;_; ****), but I think ruffians usually spawned in groups of four? Since it didn't even take place on Cythera though, who knows.

  • I was assuming 6 because that's the number in the first group. If we assume 4, it becomes nearly a hundred.

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