(trentacop)Grapper's Return:

  • Notes: This is an entry for the May Chron Challenge. As fan-fiction fan-fiction, it is endorsed by neither gandreas, the author of Cythera, or Grapper, the author of the original chron, (Introduction)Grapper's Return:.


    (continued frompart twenty-nine)

    Naxos rushes at Grapper and hits at him with a fiery sword again and again. Grapper is quickly driven back into the courtyard outside the manor. It is starting to get dark. Naxos says, "With a few more strikes I can end this match."
    Grapper says, "I do not think that is true."
    "You cannot take the heat." Naxos swings his fiery sword again and knocks Grapper's sword away. At the next thrust Grapper jumps back and swings around a lantern and kicks into Naxos's side. Then he pulls the lantern out of the ground and readies himself for Naxos's next attack. "You think that you have won, don't you" Grapper says.
    "Yes and I am pretty stoked." Naxos drops his sword and pulls another lantern out of the ground. Then he breathes fire and ignites the lantern and does the same for Grapper's lantern.
    "Thank you," Grapper says.
    "It's only flare."
    Grapper swings the lantern and connects. He knocks Naxos up into the air and Naxos lands on the grape vine trellises. Grapper jumps up and ties Naxos to the trellis with vines. "That is all I will hear from you."
    It's dark and Grapper needs to rest before facing Myus so he sleeps in a bed before going to the Comana building but it's not his bed and he tosses and turns all night. Then in the early morning he goes to the Comana building but it's empty. He turns around to go search elsewhere when Myus steps out of Antenor's old building. Grapper says, "Did you buy that building? Where did you get the money?"
    Myus says, "Whatever, let's do this. I'm gonna kill you."

    (continued inpart thirty-one)

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  • The detailed fight scene wasn't very Grapper-esque, but I quite enjoyed it (especially the fire puns) ^_ __^

    Now I'm really curious about what Myus has been up to!

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