(Epilogue)Grapper's Return:

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    (continued frompart thirty-one)

    _Between the multitude of Realities is the Void. To be able to cross the Void, is to be able to cross between Realities. That those of the Chimera have done so is given as fact, and from them I have learned the ability.

    Realities can be as small as Kythera, or an entire Universe, complete in itself, as my homeland was. All, however, are created as Chimera. Kythera appears unique in the weakness between the Barrier and the Void. In my own Universe, the only point of contact with the Void was at a black hole, and only in the instant of its formation was it possible to survive the passage. Here, in Kythera, the Elemental forces are strong to maintain cohesion, or so I was told. I, however, hold that the strife between them has allowed this Barrier to weaken – if allowed to continue, it will be destroyed, and with it, Kythera.

    Both futures must be planned against – both in attempting to realign the Elemental forces, as well as increasing the localization of the Barrier, should Kythera fragment. Were the latter to happen, the shockwave might well disrupt nearby Realities as well – the Chimera know not for sure, but thus have they warned me. In this warning, I could not help but perceive a thought – Th L Dr W. I know not the meaning of these letters, but I can grasp at their significance. Since my arrival in Kythera, I have acted as its steward, but I sense that there is another role I must play in Kythera's story. Since I perceived the letters, I have been unable to stop humming and taking in the music of this world. Soon, I will return to my homeland and take up my instrument again, to what purpose I know not.

    Since I cannot stay to continue my stewardship, I have brought the humans to unify the Four Pillars, being of the Fifth Element. Their arrival has disrupted much of the balance. If, indeed, it was a balance to begin with. One other tool, if it is gathered, might help – the fragments of the Bone Stone. Those fragments, however, are beyond my reach at this juncture. Gaining them shall be a dangerous gamble, which I shall only undertake if it appears that all else is failing (for that failing gamble might well hasten the end that is most feared).

    For now, Kythera seems to be moving in the right direction. The six-legged animals from the aliens' saucer flourish in this new world, now supplemented with the humans' own livestock (though I could never understand why the aliens kept so many animals on their ship). The humans have begun to regroup and to form towns and cities. And although much time has passed since I last saw the rest of team Z-WOLF, I am sure that they are playing out their own parts in other times and places. Grapper, if ever you should read this, I hope that you will be able to take up my mantle and maintain the balance. Kythera is in need of heroes, and you have always been the hero it needed. Good luck._

    —Randy Pringle, 2 A.T.

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  • I was expecting the goatgoat...

  • I got it when he mentioned "humming & taking in the music of the world," but until then I thought it was written by Grapper :x

  • Well, Randy's unresolved thread was a pretty big one. I figure the goatgoat's just back in the goat universe goating around.

  • I might go back and comment on each of these at a later date, but, for the moment, I will put most of my comments here.

    As I mentioned elsewhere, a very worthy continuation to Grapper's story. I loved the inclusion of Randy Pringle and Amelia Earhart, particularly Randy's fate.

    Out of curiosity, how did you come to add these two anyway?

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