The Powerful Demon, part 3: Poisonous Ratlizards

  • Disclaimer: This is an entry for the May Chron Challenge. As fan-fiction fan-fiction, it is endorsed by neither gandreas, the author of Cythera, or bellerophen, the author of the original chron, the powerfull demon. Previous chapters can be found here: Part 1, Part 2.

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    Bellerophon was having fun showing off his Scylla head to the citizens of Cademia. Chevodocus was still unconscious.

    As Bellerophon strolled through Cademia he suddenly heard someone shouting at him!


    It was coming from the jail. Antenor was inside one of the cells.

    "What's wrong?" asked Bellerophon.

    "What's wrong?! You threw me in jail without any evidence against me, didn't give me an opportunity to explain myself, and left me in here all day while you went AWOL!" exclaimed Antenor.

    Bellerophon said, "look, I know for a fact that you wanted 10,000 oboloi, you tried to sell me an awful building for that much. What does anyone need that much oboloi for? Then someone stole 10,000 oboloi from Halos. This case is pretty cut-and-dry. Give me something challenging."

    "Sir, what should we do with the prisoner?" asked a prison guard.

    "Off with his head," said Bellerophon.

    "Very well," said the prison guard.

    "WHAT?!" shouted Antenor.

    "Don't you think that's a little harsh?" asked Chevodocus.

    "Hi, Chevodocus. I thought you were unconscious?" asked Bellerophon.

    "I was, but I feel better now. Besides, 'unconscious' is too hard to spell. Thanks for bringing me back from the scylla hunt."

    Bellerophon said, "you're welcome."

    "Sir, do you still want me to behead the prisoner?" asked the prison guard.

    "Nah, just keep him in prison for five years," compromised Bellerophon.

    "Very well," said the prison guard.

    Bellerophon and Chevodocus went back to the castle. Suddenly, a few dozen ratlizards burst out of the castle sewer and attacked them!

    Luckily Bellerophon still had his axe on him from slaying the scylla. He sliced and diced and sliced and diced until there were only a few ratlizards left. Then he tripped over the body of one of the castle guards, which had been killed by demons the night before. Bellerophon fell down and a ratlizard bit him on the leg.

    "Argh!" screamed Bellerophon. "I'm poisoned!"

    "I'll go look for some unguent," offered Chevodocus. Bellerophon threw rocks at the remaining ratlizards until they ran back into the sewer.

    It was getting dark. Suddenly Bellerophon saw the silver demon again. It grabbed him and Bellerophon felt himself being taken into the other dimension again. Bellerophon struggled and grappled with the demon, but it was very strong and it was too close of a range for Bellerophon to use his axe.

    In the struggle, the demon's talon stabbed Bellerophon's chest, causing intense pain. "Argh!" screamed Bellerophon for a second time. The demon let go of him and Bellerophon fell through dimensions until he was back in the yard outside the castle in Cademia. He was dying from the wound in his chest and he was still poisoned. "Not again," he thought. He put his hand to the amulet around his neck, waiting for it to grow warm - but it was gone!

    "Help!" he called. "Help!"

    Ivor, the castle cook, came out. "Yes, master?" he asked politely. "Would you like a beverage?"

    "I'm dying," said Bellerophon. "I need a healer, hurry."

    Ivor ran off and quickly returned with a healer-mage. The mage cast a spell and healed Bellerophon.

    "Boy, you sure are lucky there's a healer in Cademia," said the mage. "You could have died!"

    Bellerophon replied, "I know, thanks."

    It was a long day. Bellerophon decided to go to bed.

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  • Actually, having read the previous two parts, this does seem like a fairly realistic continuation to the story...

  • Bellerophon is not having a good day.

  • I don't know. He did get revenge on Antenor for attempting to sell him grossly overpriced real estate.

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