The Powerful Demon, part 5: Demon-possession

  • Disclaimer: This is an entry for the May Chron Challenge. As fan-fiction fan-fiction, it is endorsed by neither gandreas, the author of Cythera, or bellerophen, the author of the original chron, the powerfull demon. Previous chapters can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

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    Bellerophon and Chevodocus were eating breakfast.

    "Thanks Ivor, you're the best," said Bellerophon.

    "Anyway, there's a woman here to see you," said Chevodocus.

    "A woman, really?" asked Bellerophon. He had an idea why.

    "Yeah, something about testifying for Antenor."

    "Oh," said Bellerophon (that wasn't the idea he had).

    "Hi, my name is Hebe," said the woman.

    "Hebe? Don't you live in Odemia?" asked Bellerophon. He never forgets anything.

    "Yes, that's the thing," said Hebe.

    "Odemia is out of my service zone," said Bellerophon politely. "You'll have to see the judge of Odemia."

    "But sir, I'm here to talk about the theft of Halos's 10,000 oboloi. You say that Antenor stole it two days ago, but he has an alibi."

    "What is it?" asked Bellerophon. "Hold on," he touched Hebe and said "ascertainment." He then explained to Chevodocus, "now I'll be able to tell if she's lying."

    Hebe continued. "He was... visiting me in Odemia. He only left that morning, he couldn't have gotten back to Cademia fast enough to steal Halos's oboloi." Hebe's face was red.

    "Wow, that means Antenor is innocent!" said Chevodocus.

    "Or that Hebe is guilty of taking illegal Ascertainment-defying drugs!" said Bellerophon. "Guards, throw Hebe in jail!"

    "Yes, sir," said the guards.

    "So, what are we going to do today?" asked Chevodocus.

    "Yesterday when we were walking home from the swamp, I remembered a cave along the shore where I once found a book about the Timeflux. The cave was full of vicious creatures such as giant crabs, polyps, and hydras. I didn't get much of a look around because I was too busy running from polyps, but I bet that cave would be great for our studies."

    "That sounds dangerous," said Chevodocus nervously. "How about we study an unicorn? An nice, gentle unicorn?"

    "Uhh, maybe if we see an unicorn on the way, we can study it."

    Bellerophon and Chevodocous set off for the polyp cave. They were walking through the forest when they were surrounded by undead! Bellerophon swung his axe and smashed an undead with a bonecrunching sound, but to no effect. The undead ignored him and went for Chevodocus.

    "Help, I'm outnumbered!" said Chevodocus.

    "Mystic arrow!" shouted Bellerophon. A magical arrow appeared in front of him and hit an undead, but to no effect. "What is going on here?!" exclaimed Bellerophon. "Undead shouldn't be this hard to kill!"

    Several undead grabbed Chevodocus and carried him off. "Help!" shouted Chevodocus.

    "Chevodocus, no!" screamed Bellerophon. He ran after the undead, but they were super-fast and they soon disappeared through the trees. Never giving up, Bellerophon kept running in the same direction. Suddenly, something silver appeared in front of him. It was the powerful demon.

    "You!" said Bellerophon, "eat fireballs!" He hit it with the full intensity of a fireball, but the beast wasn't defeated. It grabbed Bellerophon and took him through a hole in the ground again.

    The demon was laughing, but Bellerophon was losing control over his body. He lost consciousness.

    Bellerophon abruptly came to, but he wasn't in his body anymore: he was in his mind. He saw the silver demon again. It growled at him, and he realized it was speaking a different language. He understood it.

    "I have control over your body," said the demon, "and soon I'll have control over the world!"

    "Noooooo!" screamed Bellerophon.

    To be continued.

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  • So, Chevodocus has been kidnapped and Bellerophon has been possessed. Will we get to see the daemon acting as judge of Cademia or will Bellerophon break free in time to prevent the daemon from doing something heinous (such as releasing Antenor or some such thing)?

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