The Powerful Demon, part 4: Swamp Gator

  • Disclaimer: This is an entry for the May Chron Challenge. As fan-fiction fan-fiction, it is endorsed by neither gandreas, the author of Cythera, or bellerophen, the author of the original chron, the powerfull demon. Previous chapters can be found here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

    Disclaimer disclaimer: I stole that disclaimer from Fiery.

    - - - - - - - -

    Bellerophon was woken up early in the morning by someone pounding on his door. He answered it.

    Chevodocus stood panting at his door. "I brought you the unguent! I hope I'm not too late!"

    "You are," said Bellerophon.

    "Oh no! You died of poisoning!?"

    "No, I'm okay," explained Bellerophon. "A mage cast "Restoration" on me. I don't need the unguent anymore - and good thing, because it smells terrible."

    "Hey, you have no idea what I went through to buy that," said Chevodocus.

    "Oh well," said Bellerophon. "I want to travel to the southern swamp today to study swamp gators."

    Chevodocus said, "okay, that sounds fun." They went to the dining room for breakfast. "Bring us some biscuits and gravy," Chevodocus told Ivor (he still thinks he's the big boss). Ivor brought them the food and they ate.

    "There has been a crime!" someone shouted.

    "I'll figure it out later," said Bellerophon. "We have a research project to do." He and Chevodocus went to the swamp. When they got there, they saw a group of swamp people wringing their hands and looking worried. "What's wrong?" Bellerophon asked them.

    "Our swamp village is being terrorized by a swamp gator," explained a swamp person.

    "RAWR!" said a swamp gator.

    "Oh no, there he is!" screamed the swamp people.

    Bellerophon stepped in front of them to defend them. The gator darted for Bellerophon, but he dodged and swung his axe. "RAWR!" said the gator. Bellerophon swung his axe again. The gator was dead!

    "Hurray!" the swamp people shouted.

    "Can we cook and eat the gator?" someone asked.

    "No," said Bellerophon. "I'm taking the body with me to show off to people."

    "Oh, okay," said the swamp person. "Thank you for saving our village. Will you be the boss of Swamp Town?"

    "Okay," said Bellerophon.

    "Yay!" said the swamp people.

    "Now I have to go back to Cademia and solve a crime," said Bellerophon. "Bye!" He and Chevodocus went back to Cademia. They were poisoned by swamp asps and had to use the fetid unguent.

    "What happened?" Bellerophon asked the townspeople when they got back to Cademia.

    "The mint has been robbed," said the majordomo. "There was a lot of oboloi stored in there!"

    "Bummer," said Bellerophon.

    "We don't have any suspects," added the majordomo.

    Bellerophon thought for a moment. "It was Thoas," he said. "Guards! Throw Thoas in jail!"

    "Yes, sir," replied the guards.

    "Wow," said Chevodocus. "How did you know?"

    "Everyone knows that I gained great strength and fighting skills in my quest to cure Alaric, but not everyone realizes the mysteries and political intrigue I needed to solve. My deductive skills are as superb as my fighting skills, which is why I'm the best judge ever."

    "Cool," said Chevodocus.

    Bellerophon went around town showing off his dead gator and telling people the story. Finally he left it with Alastor to make into a pair of boots.

    That night Bellerophon saw a flash of silver outside his window again. "The demon!" he thought. He closed his window and said, "Mage lock." He mage locked his door too for good measure, then went to bed.

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  • Will Bellerophon explain his reasoning for arresting Thoas? I'm curious if it is as good as his reasoning concerning Antenor.

  • I don't know if I can work it into the last chapter, but his reasoning is something along the lines of "Thoas works there, so it must have been him."


    (He was wrong.)

    Edit: Re-reading this a few years later, I'm not sure what I was going for here. Did I confuse Autonous with Thoas, or did I think it was amusing to have Bellerophon confuse them (and then never get around to clarifying that in the story)? Oh well.

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